Following A Comment About Travis Barker Being "Embarrassed" By Her Rap Career, Alabama Barker Spoke Out

    Alabama previously responded to criticism by talking about Travis's music connections.

    Alabama Barker responded to (more) comments about her pursuing a career in rap.

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    The social media star — who was born to Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler — previously came under criticism after teasing an unreleased song on TikTok. It featured the lyrics, "Listen, who the fuck y'all talking to / I'm Alabama, get to know me, I might sp*z on you."


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    When one TikTok user said they didn't like the song, Alabama hit back and wrote, "Sounds personal."

    She also responded to other comments criticizing her sound.

    Alabama wrote "You can buy everything not a life tho"

    Before posting a now-deleted TikTok defending herself against the hate. According to People, she said, "I'm tired of people saying I don't know anything about rap music, I wasn't raised around rap music, I wasn't anything."

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    Alabama proceeded to share images of herself with various artists throughout her life to emphasize her point. "Since I could walk, I was in the music industry," Alabama insisted. "I was watching my dad perform in punk bands, rock bands, in rap concerts, everything. So, for the people that say, 'Oh, she doesn't know anything about rap music. She didn't grow up around rap music. Why is she doing this? Why is she doing that?' I've been influenced by rap my entire upbringing and punk rock."

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    Still, Alabama has continued to face criticism from fans for her career choice  — as recently as late December when she previewed a new song whisper-rapping. But she's not backing down.

    When one user said, "I wonder if your dad is embarrassed," Alabama replied, "He loves it, babe."

    She also laughed at another comment talking shit.

    Although Travis hasn't directly commented on her decision to pursue a music career, he did like an Instagram post that she shared this week previewing a new song.

    He also left a string of supportive emojis on song producer ATL Jacob's comment teasing the collab.