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21 Times Michael Scott's Hatred For Toby Flenderson Was Out Of Control

"I hate looking at your face. I wanna smash it."

1. When he gave Toby a glowing introduction.

2. When he offered a few words of advice.

3. When the insults turned into direct threats.

4. And when he used any and every opportunity to bring up Toby's divorce...

5. ...and his lack of friends...

6. ...and his lack of family.

7. When he just wanted an explanation for Toby's existence.

8. When he just couldn't bear to listen to Toby talk about his childhood.

9. When he was constantly tortured by Toby's existence.

10. When he decided Toby wasn't welcome in an environment of welcoming.

11. When he tried to be nice to Toby...but couldn't.

12. He even gave him a going-away present.

13. When he learned Toby was back from vacation.

14. When he resorted to name-calling.

15. And when Toby dared to forget Michael's birthday.

16. When he sentenced Toby back to where he belonged.

17. When he put it plain and simple.

18. And when he felt he needed to elaborate.

19. When he just couldn't even bear to look at Toby.

20. When words just weren't enough.

21. And when he finally took it a little too far.