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21 Cheap Products To Add To Your College Shopping List

Including a vat of Nutella, obviously.

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3. Cute, cheap flip flops that will protect your feet from the unspeakable.

4. Painkillers + electrolytes to complete your college first-aid kit.

5. An essential oil diffuser that will mask the funk of 40,000 years (or at least fall semester).,

Okay, this one is slightly more than $15, but it's definitely worth it given that it's also a humidifier and color-changing LED light. Conquer smelly rooms, winter dryness, and nighttime monsters all in one!

Get it on Amazon for $15.95.

6. A cozy robe so you can roam the halls in (pantsless) comfort.

Comfy lounge clothing or post-shower apparel? Get you a robe that can do both.

Get it at Walmart in three colors for $12.


7. A food storage set that will keep those snacks you liberate from the cafeteria fresh.

8. An industrial-sized jar of Nutella, so you can eat your feelings when homesickness hits.


11. An insulated travel mug, because you're going to need a continuous stream of coffee to keep you going in those early classes.

It'll keep drinks hot even in those interminable lectures.

Get it in multiple colors at Jet for $8.74+.


18. A sequined pillow to make your room look Pinterest-perfect.

You’ll need some sparkle to offset the beige sheetrock walls.

Get it in multiple colors at Walmart for $8+.


21. A multi tool, for emergencies ranging from "How are we gonna open this beer?" to "I am lost in the woods near campus and I must now live off the land."

It includes a can opener, a knife, pliers, and a screwdriver, among other things.

Get it on Amazon for $13.47.

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