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14 Ways Your Professor Pushes Your Buttons


1. When they give you a writing assignment over break.

2. When they don't fully erase the damn whiteboard.

When the teacher doesn't even erase all the marks on the whiteboard

3. When they just can't write like a normal human being.

Someone please tell me how i'm supposes to decipher my professor's dragon language handwriting

4. When they do nothing about the rude idiots who insist on TALKING DURING CLASS.

5. When they ask if anyone has any questions and then belittle you for not paying enough attention when you ask one.

6. "This might be on the midterm. I haven't decided yet. Study it anyway."

7. When they give you one assignment that's your entire grade for the semester.

8. When they don't show up to their office hours.

9. When they allow people to eat in class.

10. When they take about 35 years to grade your papers.

11. When they go on long-winded tangents that are irrelevant and confusing.

12. When they move through slides too fast.


14. When they show up to class 30 minutes late and you wonder why you even bothered to get up and drive to school for this crap.

Okay. Deep breaths. Just because you're not feeling your professor's style doesn't mean your grades will suffer! You can use Chegg Study to soak up more knowledge and master your classes. It's the smarter way to student.