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12 Midterm Moments That Make You Question Your Life Choices

Brace yourselves: Midterms are coming. Master the concepts you'll need for midterms with Chegg Study.

1. When your friends are complaining about how they have a midterm tomorrow, but you have three.

2. When you're trying to commit Maxwell's equations for electromagnetism to memory, and your roommate wants to dish about what happened on their favorite reality show.

3. When you try to take a quick break, then freak out and resume frantically cramming theorems into your head.

4. When someone can see you're stressed and suggests that you "try to relax."

5. When the sink is full of dishes and you've worn the same clothes for three days because midterms.

6. When you come to terms with the facts that you still have 18 chapters to study and you're definitely not getting any sleep tonight.

7. When you wake up at 5:53 a.m. with a physics book on your face after falling asleep during your all-nighter.

8. When you sit down for the midterm, confident that you've got this, and the first question completely stumps you.

9. When the next question asks you to "determine the shear stress developed at Point A on a beam subjected to a shear force of V=100 kN."

10. When you spend what you think is three minutes on one question, only to check the clock and realize that it’s actually been 10 minutes.

11. When your professor insisted that the Bernoulli Equation was 100% going to be on the midterm, and it totally wasn't.

12. When you not only pass the midterm you thought you bombed, but you actually pass it with flying colors.

Midterms are tough. There’s no need to make them tougher. Use Chegg Study to help you prepare.