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Just A List Of 2017's Craziest Instagram Food Trends

I'm starting to feel old!

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Pumpkin Spice Cake

We all know pumpkin spice is taking over everything...but cake? According Kim, it's not as crazy as it sounds:

"Pumpkin spice cake can actually be a very satisfying desert. If you put the right amount of pumpkin you can make a cake that will satisfy even the most skeptical eaters. Add some whipped cream on top and you've got yourself a winner."

Milk n' O's

David Duprey / AP

This trend has actually been around since 2016, but we're barely hearing about it now. I'm not going to lie - Cheerio's in milk is not a combination I saw coming. But here's what Kim has to say:

"The key to this meal is to not let the cereal get soggy. If you eat the Cheerio's within the first few minutes of them being in the milk, then you'll wonder how you ever ate those old crunchy things by themselves. I know I'm not going back!"

Round and Juicies

This one is pretty simple. Take some ground beef, roll it into a ball, and cook it. It sounds sloppy, but Kim disagrees:

"If you get the spices right, round and juicies can be a fast, simple way to enjoy a good meal. Add some of these to spaghetti and you can't lose."

Chocolate Bricks

The name is dreadful, but even I found this odd food satisfying. Here is what Kim thought:

"This one is actually my personal favorite. You definitely shouldn't eat these if you are watching your sugar intake, but when you pack this much chocolate in one bite your friends are sure to say yes."

Ice Cream and Unihorns

This is definitely the most fun option on the list. This ice cream bowl is shaped like a unicorn horn and my god is it delicious! What did Kim think?

"This is a good option for anyone who thinks you can't have fun with your food. My favorite part about this is that you can eat the bowl! Definitely the most environmentally friendly food trend I've seen this year."

Tortilla Slams

I never thought of putting meat and veggies in a tortilla, but I'm not complaining! Kim is also a huge fan:

"Tortilla slams offer a unique combination of crunchy and savory. My favorite part about these is that you can fill them with basically whatever you want. I personally put steak in mine and they never disappoint!"

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