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Woman, Strong: A Poem

a teenage girl reflects on the strength of women

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woman, strong

i've felt my insides crumble,

break down with

cradle blood.

i've streamed with tears sweet, salty

in great

uncontrollable floods.

i've been told to cover up

and hide my

breasts and curves.

i've been told to

put on makeup

to charm, entice, allure.

i've been told i'm

good for nothing

but to clean and cook and birth.

i've heard i'm

brains! and beauty!

that to men i'm untold worth.

i've felt the fear of


what if he follows me home?

i've laughed at catcalls,

jeers and

trembled, walking alone.

i've been told to relax,

and not worry

my pretty little head.

i've been told

to wait for a husband

who will keep me safe, and fed.

i've been asked

(ever so kindly)

to please lower my voice.

i've been threatened

menaced, scared

with no rights or votes or choice.

but i am woman, strong.

my heart is

made of diamond.

i will not cave,

get on my knees,

i'm too fierce to be frightened.

and i am woman, strong

my body's made

for nations.

and i can fulfill anyone

or thing

but not your expectations.

and i am woman, strong!

and beautiful

and soft and flawed.

you will want to

have me, own me

but i'm not yours to be bought.

and i am woman, strong!

and i'll sing

when you call for my silence.

and though you ask

i do not need

to justify my existence.

and i am woman, strong!

and i can do anything

at all.

and i know you're scared

and you should be.

because i will change

the world.

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