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10 Ways You Can “Grow Up” Your Finances This Month

Because you’re not really a grown-up until you budget like one! Keep moving forward with Chase Slate, the card designed to help you spend with confidence.

1. First things first: You need to understand credit — like, for real.

2. Seriously: Learn your credit score.

3. Stop using your debit card to pay for everything, and start building credit.

4. Get serious about saving.

5. Replace haphazard spending habits with an actual budget.

6. Shift from making decisions based on your gross income, and start making decisions based on your net income.

7. Stop treating all bills the same, and learn the difference between fixed and flexible expenses.

8. Make sure your emergency fund can actually fund an emergency.

9. Set real financial goals that have actual timelines and require specific commitments.

10. Start thinking of financial health as a journey, not a destination.

All facts provided by Chase Slate

Get better with age! Enjoy insights and credit management tools with Chase Slate, the card designed to help you keep moving forward and spending with confidence.

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