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16 Ways To Make Your Backyard FUNtastic This Summer

Turn up the fun with your cash back from Chase Freedom. Your neighbors are going to be so jealous.


Don't be shy. No adult ever grows out of this classic pastime. Get a running start and don't forget to hold on to your skivvies!


What's a pudgie pie, you ask? It's only the best thing since Santa Claus. It's just a s'more sandwiched between sliced bread and then cooked in a griddle that traps the delicious gooeyness.


Do your best warlock impersonation and invite your friends over to your teepee for some good ol' witchcraft and wizardry. (Colored smoke is extremely necessary.)


Invite your favorite inflatable friends (let's be real: They're your only friends) over for a cannonball contest that'll go down in history.


All you need is a sheet, a projector, and some comfy seats. Get your fill of cult classics or cheesy action movies all summer long.


A watermelon keg and mason jars are the perfect vehicles for guilt-free seconds!



Don't let the darkness make you sleepy — glowstick mason jars will keep you droppin' it low (until your neighbors complain!).


Channel your inner moon goddess and hang some string lights to enchant your guests.


Trick your friends into thinking they're tripping out with this magic dust that makes your campfire technicolor.


Be the person you always wanted to be and never leave the pool all summer, 'cept maybe to pee and stuff.


Delay your camera's shutter frame by 10 seconds and "draw" with a glowstick. You'll definitely break records with your likes on Instagram.


All you need is a dense log and kindling! (You'll definitely need a chainsaw or a skilled axeman.) And voilà! Freshly fried eggs in the country air!


Lew Robertson / Getty Images

Don't be embarrassed at how hipstery this seems — because, hey, it IS the best way to preserve your fresh veggies! Get wild and play around with savory, sweet, and spicy variations.


Pretend to be a pro griller and challenge your pals to a carnivore's sweet dream. A beautiful charring-to-medium-rare ratio gains you "kiss the chef" status.


Pick up a 1" and a 1 1/4" PVC pipe, a cap for each end, and a 3/4" plug to build yourself a serious squirt gun. Add a rubber band just in front of the 3/4" plug on the 1" PVC pipe for suction, drill a hole in the larger cap, and you're ready to go!

Pro Tip: Buy 10' of PVC pipe to make six blasters!

Use your cash back from your Chase Freedom card for a little extra summer fun.

All images by Lennon / © BuzzFeed 2015