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11 Family-Fun DIY Projects Perfect For Conquering Cabin Fever

Hibernating can be fun when you have crafty projects. Get tons of awesome craft materials this winter by redeeming the cash back you get with your Chase Freedom card.

1. Make a rockin' rock animal zoo:

Stock up on some color-blasted paint and plenty of googly eyes, go on a rock hunt, and sit down with your kids to craft their fave creatures! See a tutorial here.

2. Put together a DIY monster kit to keep the little ones entertained:

3. Repurpose your kid’s favorite artwork onto tin cans:

A new take on sticking your kid's artwork on your fridge, preserve their pieces on tin cans instead, great for storage too!

4. Add some flair to your home with a bead and pom-pom garland:

5. Make cutout silhouettes of your kids' faces:

A unique way to display your kids' faces while also making for a colorful art wall in your home.

6. Get tech-y with homemade robot masks:

Welcome. To. The. Future. Get ready for an afternoon of robot voices with cardboard boxes or paper bags and tin foil -- and be sure to buy lots of colorful fixin's! See a tutorial here.

7. Tell each other's fortunes with simple origami fortune tellers:

Grab some pretty paper! The folding part is easy, but use your imagination to come up with fabulous predictions for your loved ones with these little paper gems!

8. Make a handprint gift for a loved one:

9. Craft your own checkerboards:

10. Bring some fabulous sock puppets to life:

So many old socks, so many possibilities! You'll want to put on an epic show when the fuzzy friends are all done! Check out this tutorial for a no-sew horse puppet.

11. Bead some yummy, lovey-dovey bracelets for Valentine's Day:

These candy heart bracelets taste even better than they look. 😘

Endless fun with your cash back from Chase Freedom. Pick up some of these fun​ craft materials to keep you occupied all winter long.

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