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We Tried To Fit A Bunch Of Bulk Items In A Tiny Studio

Buying in bulk for a small space is a challenge, but it’s SO worth it! Visa cards are now accepted at wholesale clubs, so use the Chase Freedom Unlimited℠ card and you can earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy.

Buying in bulk is awesome! It's cost effective and ultimately saves time and energy. Buying in bulk in the city, however, is...interesting.

First, you have to find a place that sells items in bulk (wholesalers are generally more of a ~suburban~ thing) and get there. Then you have to find a way to get whatever you buy home with you. Then you have to get those things into your apartment, and that can be a bit of a struggle.

Case in point:

When we finally managed to get everything upstairs (thank you, elevator!*), we had to figure out where to store our loot.

Because, remember, this is the city, and city apartments aren't known for their vast amounts of space.

*Elevators are also rare. Count your lucky stars, city-dwellers with elevators!

The first thing we did was book it to the usual go-to storage hideouts (hey, drawers!) and shove as much loot into them as we possibly could.

We had socks left over, so we made a sock garland and hung it in the window.

We made barstools out of pet food.

We constructed a chair out of tissue boxes.

We set up a lovely coffee cup accent wall.

And we crafted a coffee table out of toilet paper.

We'd also grabbed some things we weren't expecting to buy that day. Wholesalers truly have EVERYTHING...and when we spotted jelly beans and colored gel pens, we were immediately reminded of our long-lost youth and just couldn't look away. So, we improvised some more.

Oh, we also got a bunch of tutus. Getting ready for Halloween a lil' early, OK?!? Don't judge. So we stuffed them into pillowcases.

By this point, we had spent hours crafting some pretty fine furniture and apartment decor, and we were STARVING. Thankfully, we had bought a bunch of gigantic jars of peanut butter.

Our bulk item piles were dwindling, but we needed a solve for six huge gallons of ketchup. We lined them up near the door, and suddenly's always such a struggle to find something heavy enough when you need to prop the door.

And then, all that was left were the four gigantic, incredibly fuzzy stuffed bears we had purchased.

Nothing quite like fitting bulk items in a miniature apartment!

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Photographs by Sarah Stone and design by James Devogelear / © BuzzFeed.

*Along with these bulk items, we donated the stuffed bears to charity after making this post.

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