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12 Super-Fun Ways Under $5 To Beat The Monday Blues

Ninety-seven percent of Americans say having fun in daily life is important — and it need not be expensive! With the Chase Freedom Unlimited℠ card, you can earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you buy, so treat yourself to take on Monday!

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1. Do an inexpensive and fun DIY project with your roommates on Sunday.

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Everyone's got a project hanging around they've wanted to complete foreeeever, and even if you don't, there are tons of inexpensive, cute projects you can do for under $5 and with minimal glue-gun skills.

3. Invite someone over to cook an inexpensive Sunday dinner.

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A friend, a date, a person you know you will make kitchen magic with... You'll be able to bond and enjoy each other's company while honing your home-chef skills. Here's a list of tasty meals that cost less than $5 per serving.

4. Grab a used book from your favorite local store to accompany you on your morning commute.

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Giving a book a new home is good for you, the environment, and the book, which only wants to be loved. Bonus: You can probably get like five of them because used paperbacks are about a dollar everywhere. And it's a great opportunity to read something you wouldn't normally read!

6. Borrow a dog to play with.

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Can't afford your own pup? Don't worry. There's an app called Bark’N’Borrow where you can connect with nearby dog owners to literally borrow a furry friend for a few hours! Sunday doggy smooches are the ULTIMATE cure for the Monday blues. 🐶

7. Get yourself a cupcake from your favorite bakery to have at lunch.

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For particularly tenacious Mondays, there is but one solution: a fancy, delectable cupcake. Who could resist? It's so fancy. And unless you're buying a cupcake frosted with gold, it's less than $5!

10. For that matter, rent an awesome movie on Sunday night.

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The looming dread of Monday calls for an edge-of-your-seat action flick or mesmerizing fantasy to take your mind to a totally different place and help you forget about real life!

11. Get yourself a new notebook on your way into work on Monday morning.

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Use it to record all of your Monday-related angst. Scrawl it out. Draw as many stick figures of yourself riding off into the sunset with your crush as you need to.

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