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10 Grocery Shopping Tips As Told By Animals

Wanna know what day of the week is best to buy groceries? Learn more financial fitness tips from Chase here!

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Go for BOGO only when you planned to purchase the item to begin with. If the second one's free, and the price on the first one seems fair, it's a win. But if it's 50% off, think about whether you really need it.



Coupons can provide some amazing deals. Some stores will even match competitor coupons when they're not running a deal themselves, double the value of a coupon, or waive expiration dates.



Take a moment to look high and low. You may find items at lower prices, along with generic or store brands. Also, watch out for items placed at your kids' eye-level; more affordable options for them may also be found higher up.

Each tip obtained from Chase except items 2, 3, and 6.