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Overwatch MOBA Game May Become Number 1

With the challenge to overtake hugely popular games such as League of Legends (LOL) and Dota 2, Overwatch appears to living up to the challenge. Increasingly we are seeing more players move over from Dota or LOL into the Overwatch first player shoot ‘em’ up style Multi-Player Battle Arena (MOBA). LOL designed and released by Riot Games and Dota 2 by Valve Corporation, which both games mean playing from a bird’s eye view of a map. You control your hero/champion in a team of 5 players versus 5 players collecting experience points for more power and gold for better items. Blizzard Entertainment are the geniuses behind Overwatch’s concept of bringing Dota and LOL into a first-person shoot ‘em’ style MOBA game.

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How has Blizzard Entertainment managed to push Overwatch in between Dota and LOL?

Overwatch has taken near enough the same concepts as LOL and Dota (explained below) and turned the game into a first-person shoot ‘em’ style game as opposed to playing using the birds eye view used by Dota and LOL.

Now Overwatch players are battling it out through the eyes of their hero

It is a very clever concept to bring the features that made LOL and Dota so popular and incorporate them into Overwatch as a first-person shoot ‘em’ style game. Some players have long loved the concept of LOL and Dota, but prefer not to play looking down on their heroes.

Blizzard Entertainment Of course, Overwatch saw that there was a massive cry out for a first-person shoot ‘em’ style of this game. This is pretty much the only concept that separates each of them.

Here are the three games’ similarities

In LOL the players you can select to play are called Champions and in Dotaand Overwatchthey are named Heroes. Players can pick which hero/champion they want to play be it a support (healing/helper) player or carry (killer) player.


During the picking phase, which is known as drafting, players take turns to pick a hero/champion. The draft should mean that each team is afforded the opportunity, in turn, to pick a counter hero/champion to the last player’s pick.

Sime characters are pure killers; while some heroes/champions are there to support the team by healing them, reducing the enemy/or increasing the carry armor/abilities. Supports also help with vision and setting traps to see where the enemy is on the map. Without vision, the map is dark and every corner turned could mean running into an enemy.

Skill Build

Heroes/champions don’t begin the game with all their special abilities. As the game goes on, they must level up through experience gained by killing and fighting during the game.


Heroes/champions not only level up to become more powerful, but also need items. Items can make a player faster, increase damage, provide a magical ability and more. Mostly each hero/champion will have standard items that they need; however, the buck does not stop here.

A real master of any of these games will know that once they have their standard items, the next step is to choose situational items.

Some items work well against opposing heroes/champions and so for that game, a player will choose items that are the effective against the other heroes/champions they are fighting against. This is known as having the ability to choose/select the right situational items.

Rankings for individual players

All three games have a ranking score system. The more games a player wins, the higher he/she will climb the rankings. It takes all kinds of strategy and mastering of different heroes/champions to become a top ranked player.

You could eventually become a pro player or have a career as coach in any of these games.

Overwatch-Boositngexplains how to become a top-rated player on Overwatch

They offer coaching, boosting and all kinds of useful advice. Thanks to them, this blog post became possible as it was their team that helped us (Dota fans) understand more about why Overwatch is becoming a new fad in the MOBA gaming sector of the online gaming market.

More about Overwatch from the experts

Blizzard Entertainment have cleverly mastered the art of differentiation

The designers of Overwatch have not discovered something new here. The concept of a first-person shoot ‘em’ up is not a genius idea that the world has been dumbfounded with. The genius idea here was to take two of the most popular MOBA games and use them in a first-person shoot ‘em’ up game.

If Dota and LOL are so popular, how can we create a game that is also just as popular but caters for a different segment of the online gaming market?

Cleverly, the genius behind this game is Overwatch’sability to bring together the features and concepts of LOL and Dota into a game that allows the player to control their hero through the eyes of their hero. Now all that remains to be seen is which of these three games will be the market leader in the MOBA market for this kind of epic fictional battle gaming style game.

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