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Enjoy Your New Property Even More With Sophisticated Smart Home Entertainment

While audio-video systems are normally not at the top of the priority list when a homeowner is planning a new home, the reality is that provisioning for your music and video systems before construction begins can make sure your home entertainment experience won't be compromised by the limitations of your property.

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Watch 4K content all across the house

While setting up a home entertainment system in a single room is reasonably easy to achieve, it is more problematic when you want to watch the same content all over the house. By opting for a distributed video configuration in your home, you’ll be able to access all of your content sources – from Sky or Virgin Media to Apple TV and even streaming platforms like Netflix – across all of the televisions in your property. This means you can start watching a film on a screen in your back garden, then pause it and continue inside when it gets cold outside.

With the latest 4K televisions with high dynamic resolution, your home entertainment can replicate cinematic quality better than ever before. A smart home technology installer will be able to help you design your spaces to make the most of this enhanced image quality – including giving best practice guidance on how to configure a room for ideal viewing distances and screen positioning – so you can enjoy your content exactly as it's meant to be seen.

Listen to your music across the house

Multi-room audio set-ups have become increasingly popular in homes in recent years, as more and more people have realised the benefits of being able to listen to music wherever they are in the property. By having discrete in-wall and in-ceiling speakers installed, homeowners can benefit from incredible quality sound without having unsightly speaker units visible all over their house.

Setting up a multi-room audio system can be trickier than it looks, however, and it is often better to consult an expert when having one this put in place so you can guarantee it’ll work as well as possible. As well as ensuring that everything will work seamlessly and sound brilliant once it’s installed, an AV expert will be able to make sure that no noise bleeds between rooms if two different audio zones are playing different types of music.

Dedicated entertainment rooms

For the ultimate home entertainment experience, creating a space in your house dedicated to a home cinema room, listening room or a VR gaming set-up will allow you to configure a space exactly to meet your needs. This type of room will benefit greatly from being planned ahead of time, as doing so allows the installer to build the room around the technology, rather than vice-versa. Particularly for home cinemas and listening rooms, where acoustic treatment is so crucial, it is hugely advantageous to be able to combine the room’s material design with the speaker layout and strategically-placed acoustic panelling to make a space that is perfect for audio consumption.

As well as installing and optimising the space, an entertainment room specialist will design the perfect space for you, advising on projection, seating and speaker configuration for home cinemas, the best floor-standing options for listening room speakers and even how a room can be configured to allow you enjoy both virtual reality and more traditional gaming scenarios in the same space.

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