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17 GIFs That Prove "Charlie's Angels" Is The Movie We Need In 2019

Hello, Angels!

It's 2019, and the world is ready for a movie that says what we're all thinking:

Luckily, Charlie's Angels is here to prove just that! The movie is about a team of smart, sophisticated, and just generally badass women who GET. SH*T. DONE.

First there's Sabina, the one who can charm her way into anything.

Then there's Jane, who's a total badass.

Elena is the smart new recruit who refuses to be underestimated.

And, of course, Bosley keeps everything running smoothly.

The most important element of a good secret agency is chemistry, and these Angels have it!

And these ladies don't shy away from heart-pounding action.

Plus, they have a HUGE closet filled with awesome clothes and even some hidden gems from early films!

And Noah Centineo is in it, too!

So if you like eye-popping glamour...

...mixed with a heaping spoonful of action-packed badassery...

...and a KILLER soundtrack...

...then Charlie's Angels might just be your favorite movie of 2019.

We will see you later at the theaters on November 15 for #CharliesAngels. Get your tickets now!

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