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Having 15 Cats At Home, I Tried Everything To Protect My Mattress

As a professional cat owner, my cats have the every priority at home. Although I didn’t keep them for a very long time since I start, I still got some experience. Since one of my cat pee on the bed again, let me show you how to protect my mattress. With so many cats at home, even they don’t want to, but still accidentally pee on the bed, I cannot blame them for that since they are so cute. At first, I don’t know how to do and often change the mattress. But now, I have everything prepared.

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First: Bed sheet

Second: Pet pee pads

This is very convenient, you can also use it do their daily use. Every pet owner should have this one.

Third: waterproof mattress protector

I brought this on amazon from a seller named Adoric, this waterproof mattress cover really works so that my mattress is finally getting clean.

If you also get pets at home and have the same problem with me. You can have a try, if you got better idea, share it with me ;)

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