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Six Charities Keeping Healthcare Healthy

Charity Navigator highlights charities providing affordable health services to their communities

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We've all heard it said before: everyone has the power to change the world. Here at Charity Navigator, we can see each action clearly having an impact on various sectors across the country. Charitable donations allow you, as an individual, to influence the causes that you care about without having to wait for various state entities to take action.

Earlier this year, Charity Navigator took a look at the donations made through our site during President Trump’s #First100Days in office and compared them to those a year earlier. Donations made through Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket to a number of organization increased substantially: Planned Parenthood had a 1,000% increase, ACLU had an 8,000% increase, and the Southern Poverty Law Center had a 1,400% increase.

Right now, the debate over health care has the national stage. According to the CDC, the number of people under the age of 65 without health insurance is roughly 28.4 million. Families with insurance often struggle with the cost of health care. Nearly one in six families have experienced difficulties paying their medical bills within the past year, and one in ten have medical expenses that they are completely unable to pay.

Individuals and families, both insured and uninsured, worry about their health every single day knowing that if they fall sick, some will no longer be able to support themselves or their loved ones.

If you’re looking to help others stay healthy, check out these highly rated charities that provide health services to people in our communities. The following organizations have received three or four stars from Charity Navigator based on their Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency.

1. Physicians for Reproductive Health

Physicians for Reproductive Health / Via

Physicians for Reproductive Health (PRH) is an organization dedicated to improving access to comprehensive reproductive health care, specifically for economically disadvantaged patients. PRH leverages their expertise in the field of medicine by voicing their opinions to influence legislation and policy. PRH has a four-star rating on Charity Navigator.

2. Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Planned Parenthood is an organization that provides reproductive health care, sex education, and information to women and men all over the country. Aside from delivering health services, the organization is a leader in the reproductive health and rights movement and also works to advance global health. PPFA has a four-star rating on Charity Navigator.

3. Arlington Free Clinic

Arlington Free Clinic / Via

The Arlington Free Clinic provides care for the “whole person” and serves patients in Arlington, Virginia. Volunteer health care providers treat a wide variety of illnesses by providing comprehensive medical care, education & outreach, and mental health services. Through donations, the clinic is able to provide free, high quality healthcare to low income, uninsured patients. Arlington Free Clinic has a four-star rating on Charity Navigator.

4. Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health

Arthur Ashe Institute for Health

The Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health aims to reduce morbidity and mortality by providing health education, changing unhealthy behaviors, and delivering care to vulnerable populations in urban areas. The organization also utilizes community partnerships and organizational partnerships in order to fully reach the audience it intends to serve. The Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health has a three-star rating on Charity Navigator.

5. A Chance to Change Foundation

A Chance to Change Foundation is based in Oklahoma City and provides addiction counseling or treatment. The Foundation provides counseling for a wide range of addictions including gambling, tobacco, sex, drugs, and alcohol, among others. A Chance to Change has a three-star rating on Charity Navigator.

6. Community Volunteers in Medicine

Community Volunteers In Medicine / Via

Community Volunteers in Medicine provides free healthcare to low income individuals and families in Chester County, PA who would otherwise not have access to medical and dental care. Community Volunteers in Medicine has a four star rating on Charity Navigator.

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