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    Chapel At The Farm In Gilbert Arizona. 1920's Vintage Farmhouse Elopements

    Phoenix Arizona is the perfect spot for a travel hound to "get hitched". From Majestic mountains, to Five star resorts and a few hidden haciendas. The greater Metro Phoenix area and all of Arizona is a no wait State, meaning you can obtain your marriage license and be married one hour later. Honeymoon at The Grand Canyon or Sedona or an old mining town Bisbee Arizona. For more information visit

    Jacquelyn Phillips Photography

    Just Hitched at Chapel At The Farm

    Just Married at Chapel At The Farm Gilbert Arizona

    Jacquelyn Phillips Photography

    Love this 1950's style wedding dress.

    We Eloped at Chapel At The Farm

    Jacquelyn Phillips Photography

    Bo ho chic wedding with the vintage travel case is just adorable for these two newlyweds.

    Destination wedding with Sedona Honeymoon.

    Jacquelyn Phillips Photography

    These two flew in and had a romantic honeymoon in Sedona. Love the pin up style dress. Very Sweet!

    Outside the 1920's vintage Farmhouse

    Jacquelyn Phillips Photography

    This 1920's farmhouse has AC and Heat the wedding venue is located in one of Arizona top ranked towns to live in, Gilbert Arizona.

    Romantic Twilight Weddings

    Jacquelyn Phillips Photography

    One hour prior to sunset is a very romantic time to get married. The soft glow of the sunset makes everything dreamy.

    Just beautiful newlyweds

    Jacquelyn Phillips Photography

    The soft light is perfect on the lush grounds.

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