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    29 Comfortable WFH Outfits That *Aren’t* Leggings

    Stylish zoom approved clothes ahead.

    1. A romper that's super easy to slip on so you'll never be late for that early morning checkin. Plus, it's super cute and easy to layer.

    Model wearing jumper

    2. A tie-dye pajama set you can sleep in and get right to work when your alarm goes off without changing your outfit. Plus, if you're a person who likes to blast the air conditioner, this will keep you warm.

    3. A cotton bubble tee with an elastic waist band, aka you'll never want to take this pseudo crop top off because it'll feel like you're wearing a cloud thanks to the breathable fabric.

    Model wearing tee shirt

    4. A knit sweatsuit that you'll absolutely live in this spring. It's perfect for running errands, hopping on Zoom in a moment's notice, or just lounging around the house.

    5. A beach tie-back V-neck jumpsuit to convince your peers that you are a fashionista. They'll never guess you hopped into this ultra snuggly outfit less than 10 minutes before your meeting.

    Model wearing jumsuit

    6. A silky cooling cutout loungewear tee so you can work from your couch or bed — just don't fall asleep! The soft fabrics help your body stay cool, wicks away moisture, and blocks odors.

    7. A comfy knit set which looks like a certain celebrity brand but for a fraction of the cost. If you start to feel a little cold in just the tank and shorts, throw on that chic sweater for extra warmth and style.

    Reviewer wearing tan-colored knitwear set

    8. A tunic dress to show off a comfy beautiful printed design on the front that encapsulates the spirit of ✨Black girl magic ✨. It even has super deep pockets.

    Reviewer wearing blue printed dress

    9. A lightweight long sleeve turtleneck dress that's perfect for those days when your roommate refuses to turn down the AC, so it's too cold to go sleeveless but you want to wear a dress. At least your ensemble will impress your peers during meetings.

    10. A V-neck jumpsuit made from a silky soft jersey fabric to save you loads of time when you need to find something classy, quickly. Just slip into this ensemble and voila — you're ready for that weekly check-in with your boss.

    Model wearing gray jumpsuit

    11. A ribbed halter top with a built-in bra — this stretchy top provides maximum comfort and support without any wires. It's perfect for impromptu Zoom meetings because you can even go bra-less so BRB, going to snatch these up in every available hue.

    12. A franke cotton tank and bottom set that absolutely no one would suspect you actually slept in last night.

    Model wearing shirt and short setn

    13. A silky bodycon dress cozy enough to curl up in bed with, but too stylish not to show off to your coworkers. Just make sure you RSVP to the next company Zoom happy hour.

    14. A supersoft wide-leg terry jumpsuit that you can slip into in record-breaking time. Throw a blazer on top for a cozy business casual look that's also office appropriate.

    Reviewer wearing black jumpsuit

    15. High-waisted wide leg pants which are like a longer, better version of skorts. You'll be able to sit for an entire eight-hour shift, cartwheels at 6 p.m. and pour yourself a glass of wine.

    Reviewer wearing striped pants

    16. A comfy casual T-shirt that will be the foundation of 99% of your work outfits because it's the clothing equivalent of water. Throw on a blazer and pair it with slacks for a polished look.

    17. Joggers so plush, you'll want to have them permanently attached to your legs. These babies are perfect for running to Chipotle during your lunch break, but they're lightweight enough that you won't break a sweat.

    Reviewer wearing the black joggers with elastic waist and side pockets in black

    18. Linen overalls that will make you look like the most adorable farmer on earth while you typing away. Plus, you'll feel as comfy as a baby in a onesie with this lightweight no-hassle ensemble.

    19. A plainshirt dress perfect for when you have to get to work but don't feel like getting out of the bed. This feels as soft and comfy like pajamas but looks polished enough to hop on a Zoom call with.

    Reviewer wearing green dress

    20. Floral print wide leg pants that combine all the benefits of a beautiful flowy skirt and your favorite pajama pants into one fabulous item. Trust me, work is a lot easier when you're comfy.

    21. A short-sleeve maxi dress with pockets that you'll want to snatch up in every. single. color. It's suitable for work and the after work Zoom happy hour, plus the lightweight and stretchy fabric makes it extremely comfortable.

    Reviewer wearing blue dress

    22. An ultra silky satin pajama set that makes lounging and working from home look extravagant. The lightweight material feels cool to the touch so it will keep you cozy without making it feel like you're overheating.

    23. A super soft strappy midi dress for an effortlessly chic look that you can slip on in under 2.5 seconds.

    Reviewer wearing navy blue dress

    24. A sleeveless cami long dress with pockets that you'll absolutely live in this spring. It's perfect for hopping on Zoom calls in a moment's notice because you were already lounging around in a snuggly outfit that *looks* put-together.

    25. An ombre dress that resembles the ocean and takes relaxation to the next level. It's stretchy and flared on the bottom so each step will feel like walking on a breezy sandy beach.

    Reviewer wearing blue ombre dress

    26. A tie-dye maxi dress which takes two seconds to put on and will make you look effortlessly cool. The fabric is soft, stretchy, and flowy, so you'll barely feel like you're wearing anything at all.

    27. A sweatshirt and joggers set that just might be the most comfortable piece of clothing you've worn in your life. Plus, there's absolutely nothing that you can't do in this outfit — sleep, run errands, and get to work!

    Model wearing pink matching pajama set on white background

    28. A vibrant velvet V-neck cami tank that you'll pet more than your own fur baby. The top is stretchy, casual, and perfect for layering in order to make it look professional.

    Reviewer wearing tank

    29. A polished looking wrap dress which will give you a killer silhouette thanks to a tie-waist, plus is also extremely comfortable.

    Reviewer wearing brown wrap dress

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