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    "Black Honey" Is The Lip Color Of The Moment And These Three Dupes Nail The Shade And Look Great On Everyone

    Stay on trend without breaking the bank.

    Clinique's Black Honey Tinted Balm ($20) is one of the latest beauty products to go viral on TikTok (despite originally hitting the shelves in 1971). That's probably because it's a beautiful purple shade that will leave your lips feeling moisturized and it looks great on absolutely everyone. But there's a few downsides — 1. it's $20 for one tube, 2. it's always sold out, and 3. did I mention it's $20 for one tube?!

    If, like moi, you want to try it but don't want to shell out the cash — I have some great news! There are three dupes that popped up on the internet and they are all under $7. For research purposes only, I've purchased them all so we can find out if they might be as good (or maybe even better) than the original.

    Model wearing Clinique Black Honey tinted balm

    1. E.l.f.'s Sheer Slick Lipstick in Black Cherry ($5)

    2. E.l.f. Hydrating Core Lip Shine in Ecstatic ($6)

    3. Burt's Bee's Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia ($4.79)

    If I could only choose one of these lippies, it would be the E.l.f. Hydrating Core Lip Shine in Ecstatic ($6) because it's highly pigmented and super moisturizing. To get the same effect, I'd have to apply a lip gloss over lipstick but Ecstatic does the job with one product. If you're on the fence, I think you should give them all a try — because even if you buy all three, it's still a fraction of the cost of the original!

    So, don't wait for these to fly off the shelves! Get the Sheer Slick Lipstick in Black Cherry from E.l.f. for $5, the Hydrating Core Lip Shine in Ecstatic from E.l.f. for $6, and Burt's Bee's Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia from Target for $4.79.

    Three tubes of tinted balms on white background

    You after saving a ton of money by buying these affordable dupes instead of the original: