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    These Women Tried Contouring Their Bodies, And It Was...Weird.

    It's like "paint-by-numbers" for your body.

    Ladylike tend to be bold and fabulous and try new trends. So, in keeping with that ~vibe~ we had Kristin and Jen try full body contouring:

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    We asked the women what they knew about "full body contouring" and this was their answer:

    However, both of them did agree that good contouring skills are amazing!

    The ladies were ready to have some laughs and get toned and tanned in the middle of February!

    Jen's tactic was to put dark colors where the "creases would be" and try to match the screenshots she took of the tutorial. Solid.

    Kristin, however, just decided that she was as "pale as moonlight" and tried to go from there.

    Next, it was time for beauty blenders! They both agreed that the powder Jen used seemed easier to blend than the cream.

    The legs definitely presented more of a struggle for the ladies, as evidenced by this:

    But, in the end, they got the job done. Check out the final results. Here are Kristin's arms:

    Jen's arms:

    Kristin's legs:

    Jen's legs:

    And the piéce de resistance...Kristin's boobs:

    A for effort, ladies!!