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Women Openly Share Why They Love Their Stretch Marks

"It's the evidence of what I could have been."

A major thing that commonly comes with being a woman is gaining a stretch mark or two. They can feel like confusing scars that you want to hide, but BuzzFeed Motion Pictures got women to reveal why they actually love and embrace their tiger stripes.

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After a miscarriage and bout with depression, Kira was left with stretch marks along her stomach and hips, but she doesn't let them stop her from knowing she's capable of creating life.

As an avid cycler, Michelle began to notice her body getting stronger while also developing some stretch marks. Instead of seeing them as something she's cursed with, Michelle sees them as something she earned.

After gaining 50 pounds during her pregnancy, Ochi saw she had gotten stretch marks under her arms, but she soon accepted them as a permanent reminder of her precious baby girl.

Many times for women, puberty comes with awkwardness and a butt. When Candace's butt came in, it left a trail of stretch marks. Rather than hiding them, she acknowledges she's got ~dat ass~ that others would kill for.

In a unique twist of events during her growth spurt, Sarah gained a few inches along with some marks above her knees. Today, it's one of her favorite fun facts about herself, and she loves talking about them.

Jetta noticed her stretch marks in high school, but owned them as something that made her unique, rather than hiding what she saw as flaws.

Keep calm, and own your tiger stripes, ladies!