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16 "Hollyoaks" Moments That Gave You The Feels

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1. When Finn raped John Paul.

Courtesy of Channel 4

John Paul was raped by his pupil Finn O’Connor following a campaign of homophobic bullying by Finn and his friend Robbie Roscoe. John Paul suffered in silence for nine months before standing up to his attacker Finn after realising he was behind an attempted attack on best friend Nancy Osborne.

During a humiliating trial in which Finn accused his teacher of ‘grooming’ it looked as though evil Finn would escape justice. But he was thwarted when his own mum Diane turned on her son in the witness box leading in one of the most emotive moments in the show’s history.

The award-winning storyline and the #breakthesilence campaign that accompanied it led to a £1 million Ministry of Justice fund being created for victims of male sexual violence.

2. When Ste cut Amy's hair off.

Courtesy of Channel 4

There was an equal mix of tears, horror, and anger when Ste Hay insulted and emotionally abused his girlfriend, Amy Barnes, before cutting off her long hair in Hollyoaks' harrowing domestic violence plotline.

3. When Jambo proposed to Dawn.

Courtesy of Channel 4

Jambo had loved Dawn for...basically forever. And when he helped her find a kidney match for her daughter, she realised she loved him too.

Sadly, Dawn was diagnosed with Leukaemia and died during a romantic row boat ride seconds after Jambo's proposal – on Christmas day.

4. When Maxine's wedding dress ripped and everyone saw the bruises from Patrick.

Maxine agreed to still marry Patrick, despite his domestic abuse of her. However, at the wedding, she finally snapped when he urged her to eat a piece of cake and it brought back memories of his bizarre force-feeding punishment the week before.

Patrick grabbed her, causing her wedding dress to rip and her bruises to be revealed.

5. When Becca Dean and Justin Burton had an affair.

Courtesy of Channel 4

When Becca's marriage to Jake Dean started to turn sour, she sought love in the arms of her pupil Justin Burton, who had developed a crush on her as she tutored him through his GCSEs.

Becca was sent to prison, after Justin supplied false evidence at her trial, and died after she was stabbed by her cellmate, Fran.

In her dying moments, she told her sister, Nancy, to stay in school and told Jake that he was the one she truly loved.

6. When Cindy Cunningham gave birth in secret on Christmas day.

Courtesy of Channel 4

Cindy became pregnant after losing her virginity to Lee on her 16th birthday. Sadly, Lee died in a road accident before Cindy's secret pregnancy was revealed, culminating in her giving birth in secret on Christmas day. Cindy abandons the baby, then finds out that her sister Dawn has died.

She eventually comes to terms with motherhood and names the baby Holly.

7. When The Dog caught fire.

Courtesy of Channel 4

Escaped prisoner Sam Owen launched an arson attack on Hollyoaks' pub, The Dog. Five people were killed, including Mel Burton, who had ironically vowed to stop drinking, only to die in a pub not long before. Mel's twin sister, Sophie, was another victim of the arson attack.

8. When Tina McQueen died at the hands of her long-lost brother.

Courtesy of Channel 4

Niall held his long-lost mother Myra and his six half-siblings hostage in the church, making Myra chose which children would live. She chose Tina, who had a newborn, and Michaela.

Luckily, Jack and Darren Osbourne came to the rescue – but didn't realise that the church had been laced with explosives.

Tina was killed by a falling chunk of debris and died in her ex-husband's arms.

9. When Mark Gibbs raped Luke Morgan.

Courtesy of Channel 4

Mark and Luke were football rivals, but the story took a horrific turn when Mark attacked and sexually assaulted Luke in a twisted attempt to get power over him.

This story reached its dramatic conclusion in the first ever Hollyoaks Later and made headlines across the press.

10. When Brendan Brady took the rap for Cheryl.

Courtesy of Channel 4

When Brendan's drunk of a father, Seamus, appeared at the club and attempted to beat and sexually assault Brendan once more, he hadn't anticipated on his sister Cheryl coming to the rescue – with a gun.

Brendan took the rap for Cheryl telling her, "You're the only one who never let me down."

11. When Brendan tells Ste that he changed his life.

Courtesy of Channel 4

Brendan wasn't killed in the shooting – only injured. And his last conversation with Ste, with the crying, screaming, and the immortal line "You changed everything Steven, EVERYTHING" is certainly one of the most emotional Hollyoaks moments ever.

12. When Mr Cunningham died, then came back as Bombhead's invisible friend.

Gordon Cunningham was always a mentor to Bombhead, so after his tragic death (a heart attack at the wheel, which also killed his wife Helen, leaving their son Tom an orphan) it was a true testament to his bond with Bombhead that the latter re-imagined him as a Jiminy Cricket–type mentor and guide.

13. When the Gloved Hand Killer killed Phoebe McQueen.

Courtesy of Channel 4

Phoebe McQueen became the fourth victim of the Gloved Hand Killer moments after accepting a proposal from her on-again, off-again love, Robbie Roscoe.

As we went to press, the Glove Hand Killer's identity had yet to be revealed…

14. When Mandy and Tony's baby died of SIDS.

Courtesy of Channel 4

Mandy had only just recovered from postnatal depression and learned to love baby Grace when tragedy struck and she died from sudden infant death syndrome.

This proved to be the nail in the coffin for Mandy and Tony, and after he blamed her for the baby's death, she left Hollyoaks.

15. When Leanne Holiday married Dennis Savage.

Courtesy of Channel 4 / Via

What is literally the opposite thing of giving someone a bag of cash as a leaving present? Probably giving them a bomb, which is what Sinead unwittingly did at Doug and Ste's leaving party.

Leanne suffered a devastating brain injury in the explosion, which devastated her on, off boyfriend, Dennis, who told her, "They can't fix you, because you're not broken." Are you crying, because we're not crying… Someone is cutting onions…

Dennis arranged an emergency wedding service, making her lifelong dream of getting married come true.

She passed away shortly after.

16. When Doug Carter went back in to save Ste

Courtesy of Channel 4

After announcing she had a surprise for them (yeah, no kidding…) and unwittingly setting off a bomb, Sinead was rescued from the wreckage by Doug.

Ignoring Sinead's pleas that he was injured, Doug returned to the collapsing building to find Ste. During his rescue attempt, the ceiling above collapsed, trapping the couple, who then began to have an open and honest conversation on either side of the wall.

Doug kept Ste talking, but sadly bled out by the time the paramedics were able to reach him.

Can you believe that it's been 20 years since Hollyoaks started?!

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