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The Top Tattoo Designs Of 2013 According To Pinterest

These trendy tats were crowned the most popular on Pinterest this year, based on repins and likes.

1. "Illuminate"


Probably hurt like hell, but who cares, it's beautiful.

2. The Forearm Tree

Edwin Pabon Photography /
Edwin Pabon Photography / via

3. The Hardcore Sleeve

MP Photography / Brittany Bui /

4. The "High-Five!" Cats

5. "Enough"

One word can spur a million thoughts.

6. The Cat Scratch

7. The Leg Trees

These are actually leggings (probably from BlackMilk), but tree tats were HUGE in 2013.

8. The Bearded & Tattooed Man

This is model Ricki Hall -- check out more pics of his beard and tats here.

9. The Snake In A Skull

This is inked on paper, so maybe next year we'll see the real thing.

10. The Postage Stamp

11. The Incredible Eye

WHOA, that eye looks a little too real.

12. The Minimalist Cross

13. The Infinite Relationship

jRox Designs /


14. The Thigh Quote

15. The Watercolor Dreamcatcher

16. The Tiny Cat

17. The Arrow Heart

18. The Actual Heart

Just an on-paper design, but this will make (or has already made) a bad ass tat.

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