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    13 Unexpected Tips For A Successful Job Interview

    Sweaty hands never get the job.

    1. Be organized when you start the job hunt.

    When you start looking for a job, organize your interview clothes into one spot of your closet, or print off copies of your resume. You'll have fewer things to worry about when you finally land an interview, which cuts down a considerable amount of stress.


    2. Say no to ice water.


    While it is polite to accept water before the interview, make sure to ask for it WITHOUT ice. That way, the glass won't slip out of your hand from the condensation. And if your hands are jittery, there won't be any clanking ice to reveal your butterflies.

    3. Place a napkin in your back pocket.


    Before you walk into the interview, make sure to give your hand a quick swipe so the interviewer doesn't have to have a clammy handshake.


    4. On a related note, put panty liners in your heels.

    If it's warm out and your feet keep sliding or sticking to your heels, neatly slip in a panty liner — they won't be visible and they absorb sweat. Think of them as some kind of insole?

    5. If you can, schedule your appointment in the morning.

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    That way, you can get it out of the way — and you won't have all day to lose your confidence. Try 10:30 a.m. on a Tuesday.


    6. Follow a three-second rule.

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    Wait three seconds before answering your questions. It helps you process the question and you won't seem rushed (aka nervous). This is an excellent rule to follow during phone interviews.

    7. Use the STAR method to streamline your answers.

    Break down your answers into STAR — Situation, Task, Action, and Result — it will help you give a good response that covers all bases.


    8. Exercise.


    If you have the time, do about 10–15 minutes of cardio before you get ready. It'll get your blood pumping and release any of that anxious tension you have.


    9. During phone interviews, stand and smile.


    It will improve the quality of your voice, which will make you sound confident and you know, into this whole getting a job thing.


    10. Also, keep the phone receiver near your chin.

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    Trust me, you don't want the interviewer to hear your creepy nervous breathing while they're talking.


    11. Skip the coffee.

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    Coffee is one of life's greatest gifts, but try to avoid it before the interview. Caffeine can hype up your jitters and does not mix well with a stomach in knots. Instead, try tea, as it could actually get you to concentrate.


    12. Eat more protein than carbs.

    During breakfast, try to incorporate food that's rich in protein like eggs or peanut butter. Your mind is more likely to stay alert and thinking, compared to the sleepy aftermath of a carb overload.


    13. Don't sweat the small stuff.

    Your future employer probably knows that you can turn on a computer, but if you want to give a great first impression, it might be better to focus on the bigger picture, rather than blabbing about every. single. skill. you've ever acquired. This is your chance to have a great conversation!


    And finally...

    Walk in and out of there with confidence.

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