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    20 DIY Projects That Will Bring Your Child's Senses To Life

    Let them explore the world through their most essential powers.

    Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

    1. Kool-Aid Ice

    With this activity, tots will use four out of five of their senses--giving them the ability to smell, touch, taste, and see the wonders of flavored ice. Instructions here.

    2. Crayon Rubbings

    All you need is paper, crayons, and different surfaces to show the power of textures. More ideas here.

    3. Popping Rice Play

    Use Rice Krispies (or any other brand), as it will include a hearing component to this sight and touch exercise.

    4. Edible Water Beads

    While buying aqua beads might be easier, they are harmful to children who accidentally pop one in their mouths. So, make your own with Boba pearls, and let the kids touch, see, and taste them. Recipe here.

    5. Travel Boxes

    For road, holiday, and quick trips, compile a box (or two) with a variety of toys and knick knacks that will keep their senses entertained on-the-go. Ideas here.

    6. Rainbow Foam Play

    So pretty. Click here for instructions.

    7. Edible Finger Paint

    Now you don't have to worry about your little ones putting toxic paint in their mouths. Check out the recipe and more ideas here.

    8. Glowing Oil And Ice

    What kid doesn't like something that glows in the dark? Tutorial here.

    9. Rainbow Pasta

    Have your lunch and sense it too. Recipe here.

    10. Sound Walk

    Get some light exercise in while allowing the kids to identify the sounds (and even smells!) of nature. Ideas here.

    11. Wet vs. Dry

    Set up multiple stations to let your child explore the differences between wet and dry. Tutorial and ideas here.

    12. Alphabet Sensory Bin

    Help your children learn their ABC's and numbers in fragrant and textured ways. Details here.

    13. Dino Fossil Excavation

    THIS IS EDIBLE (and educational, I guess). Learn how to make it here.

    14. DIY Snot

    Although kids DIY snot all of the time, this gooey project is pretty cool. It's so gross, yet so awesome. Tutorial here.

    15. Wall Mosaics

    Blocks and contact paper unite for a cool sensory art project. Directions here.

    16. Scent Cards

    Make some up with your favorite smells, or follow this blogger's lead with the "10 Scents of Christmas." Tutorial here.

    17. Candy Cane Cloud Dough

    Just in time for the holiday season. Recipe here.

    18. Jell-O Paint

    Jell-O tastes and smells nice, so I'm sure any tot would love painting with it. During this project, kids will work with their noses and eyes, while learning their food vocabulary. This is great for object and descriptor association.

    19. Pom Pom Ice Cream Shop

    Create an ice cream store with the little ones--you can use different textured and colored items for unique sundaes, and you can use fake or real coins for the play transactions. Math + Senses = Fun. Ideas here.

    20. Sensory Balloons

    Fill these babies up with liquid, coffee beans, and other materials that will keep your kiddos' hands occupied. You can also make this a test, in which each person guesses what's inside the balloons! Tutorial here.