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    35 New Uses For Old Newspapers And Magazines

    Don't worry, these are less offensive than DIY book projects...

    1. Starburst Clock

    Who needs numbers on their clocks? Instructions here.

    2. Trashcan

    OR an even better recycling bin, because you know, you're recycling the materials. See the tutorial here.

    3. Envelopes

    White envelopes are just sooo boring. Directions here.

    4. 3D Butterfly Art

    More ideas and tutorial here.

    5. Subscription Card Bracelet

    Time Out NY /

    Hey, subscription inserts have to have their use too. Learn how to make this bangle here.

    6. Award Ribbons

    Because you're #1! (In the crafting world, that is.) Click here for directions.

    7. Mini Basket

    That underwater basket weaving class is coming in handy. Instructions here.

    8. Wallpaper

    9. Notebooks

    Cool journal, bro. Additional steps here.

    10. Pop Art

    Make your janky apartment fancy with this eye-catching project.

    11. Origami Bows

    These will make any gift pop! Perfect your bow here.

    12. Hanging Triangle Banner

    Get your party started the right way with this banner.

    13. Cutout Art

    WALL-E!!! Directions here.

    14. Newspaper Dress

    NEW TREND??? Instructions here.

    15. Sculptures

    Caroline Williamson /

    You better get started...

    This piece is by artist Yun-Woo Choi, and you can view more of the collection here.

    16. Placemats

    17. Suitcase Pattern

    Don't buy a new duffel Ever. Again. Step-by-step guide here.

    18. Wedding Bouquet

    A cheap, but creative arrangement for the DIY bride. Check it out here.

    19. Silhouettes

    Forget the bear, you need to make one of your cat, ASAP. Click here for directions.

    20. Side Tables

    For the "I'm too lazy to get real tables" part of you. Furnish your home with this tutorial.

    21. News Nails

    If you don't have rubbing alcohol, any drinking alcohol like vodka and whiskey will work. Simple steps here.

    22. Enhanced Leaves

    Nature meets journalism. Follow these instructions.

    23. Frames

    Directions here.

    24. Confetti Magazine Bowls

    Can I put cereal in this bowl?

    25. Wreaths

    This craft is proven to get more knocks on your door.

    26. Gift Bags

    Click here for the bag on the left and here for the right.

    27. Coasters

    28. Decoupaged Chairs

    For more pictures click here.

    Check out the comments on this post for simple instructions.

    29. Hair Bow

    So. Cute. See the tutorial here.

    30. Small Bags

    Perfect for little knickknacks. Tutorial here.

    31. Garland

    Directions here.

    32. Trivet

    A trivet protects the countertop from hot pans and dishes — so why not make this cute one?

    33. Soil Pots

    The inexpensive way to grow plants from scratch.

    34. Beads

    People won't even know these beads are made from paper.

    35. Sailor Hats

    Lisa Stout Photography /

    DUH. Make a classic with this step-by-step guide.