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    The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning All Kinds Of Kids’ Messes

    Including a tip for removing slime aka the bane of every parent's existence.

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    1. Give your couch a *thorough* deeeeep clean and make it look as if your toddler hasn't tormented it for months with apple juice stains and crushed Cheez-its. Use a Bissell multi-purpose portable cleaner that might be small but is shockingly effective at pulling out all the dirt and gunk.

    2. Or breathe new life into a microfiber couch by following this mama's cleaning method that'll convince everyone you hired a professional to get rid of those sippy cup spills and scribbles slowly destroying your couch!

    Blogger's before photo of the couch with liquid and ink stains

    3. If you've got budding Picassos in the house, you can get rid of everything from lipstick to Sharpie marks that mysteriously appear on your walls. Use The Pink Stuff, a magical all-purpose cleaning paste. (Good luck keeping the kids out of your makeup bag, though!)

    4. Did you leave future Banksy unattended with a Sharpie near your dining table? Then all you need is toothpaste and a damp rag to have your furniture looking brand spanking new again.

    Blogger's before photo of a table with marks on it and after photo with the marks gone

    5. Make Mr. Clean Magic Erasers your bestie so you can conquer crayon or pencil marks on the walls. Reviewers swear this is as close to a magic wand you'll get.

    6. BTW, you can also rescue dirty sneakers with Magic Erasers.

    Blogger's before photo of dirty shoes and after photo of clean shoes

    7. Or squirt this powerful shoe cleaner on a wet brush and gently scrub to renew those sneakers covered in mud and grass stains from camping or soccer.

    Reviewer's before and after photo showing a shoe with stains and a shoe without stains after it was cleaned

    8. Found slime stuck in your carpet, while your kiddos are *fervently denying* they had anything to do with it? Well, don't freak out, get rid of it with this blogger's tried-and-tested DIY vinegar cleaning solution.

    Blogger's before photo showing the slime in the carpet and after photo with the slime removed

    9. Or break down slime with a plant-based cleaner that'll give you equally jaw-dropping results. I mean, can you even tell this rug had a sticky glob on it?

    10. And if you find bits of Play-Doh artfully smashed into your carpet, try this tip: leave the mess alone to dry, so you can vacuum up the dried up chunks more easily.

    Blogger's photo of a vacuum cleaner, a brush attachment, and Play-Doh on the carpet

    11. Don't let blowouts ruin your little one's onsies. Try this mama's foolproof solution using a combo of Oxiclean and Clorox stain remover for tackling those stubborn poop stains.

    Blogger's before photo of their child's clothes with a poop stain on it and after photo with the poop stain gone

    12. But actually, an even easier solution might be to soak the onsie in Oxiclean Baby stain remover for a while after a poop explosion, and then pop in the wash. It'll fight poop and spitup so effectively it might make you say, "Whoa, what a difference."

    13. Lift stickers without leaving any residue using this blogger's secret weapon: Goo Gone Spray Gel. (Trust me, trying to scratch off a bazillion Frozen stickers with your fingernails alone is a surefire way to lose your sanity.)

    Blogger's photo of stickers and residue on a wooden door

    14. Speaking of sticky things, if they manage to get gum on their clothing (ugh!!) simply scrape it off with an old toothbrush dipped in vinegar.

    Blogger's photo of pink gum stuck on clothing

    15. Add this carpet stain remover to your arsenal to stay prepared for any kiddie accident that might occur — milk, juice, ketchup, paint, markers, and even the dreaded is-that-chocolate-or-poop stain — this stuff works miracles on ALL messes.

    A reviewer's carpet with marker stains before and no stain after

    16. Or give your regular Bissell solution a run for its money with a carpet deep-cleaning solution that reviewers say will lift stains from puke, pee, food, and muddy feet to leave your carpets so ~pristine,~ it won't feel like tiny humans actually live there.

    Reviewer's before image of stained carpet and then after image of clean carpet using the solution

    17. Polish away all those little fingerprints and water marks on your fridge with a sponge sprinkled with Bar Keepers Friend powder.

    18. Or try a plant-based stainless steel cleaner to finally get all of your appliances smudge-free and shining.

    A review image of a super shiny stainless steel fridge

    19. And wipe off windows and mirrors full of sticky fingerprints with a microfiber glass cleaning cloth that'll get everything sparkling just like Norwex, but at a fraction of the price. All you need to do is dampen with water and get to work!

    20. Wondering how to pick up glitter spilled EVERYWHERE after a crafty project? A lint roller should do the trick!

    Blogger's photo of a hand passing a lint roller over glitter

    21. Potty training accident? Purge pee stains from the mattress by sprinkling baking soda over the stain, and then spraying with a mixture of white vinegar and water.

    Blogger's photo of urine stains on a mattress

    22. Or eliminate urine stains AND odors (without masking them!) using Kids 'n' Pets All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover that'll keep your mattress and carpet in mint condition during potty training. Just shake the bottle, spray the area, let it soak, blot with a towel and prepare to cry with relief.

    23. Knock out stubborn stains like grass, oil, or blood from your kids' clothes with a cult-favorite stain remover. Just apply this concentrated spot treatment, let it sit, and then wash to make everything from diaper leaks to food mishaps *poof* disappear!

    24. But you can also save $$ and make your own stain remover with just three common household items: Dawn dish soap (Spoiler alert: dish soap is the secret ingredient here!), baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. This blogger swears it works wonders on pen marks, chocolate stains, underarm stains, blood stains, grease stains, poop stains, baby food stains, and much more!

    Blogger's photo of the DIY stain remover ingredients and a before and after photo showing the dirty and clean top

    25. When your baby's Wubbanub pacifier aka bestie gets too grimy to ignore, try this smart cleaning hack: Toss it in a mesh laundry bag, and machine wash (this method won't ruin it forever, pinky promise!)

    blogger's before and after photo of the money plush and pacifier dirty and then clean

    26. If every inch of your car has been utterly wrecked by shoes, juice, soda, snacks, crayons, markers....etc. grab this car cleaner. Reviewers say this affordable liquid miracle got rid of years of built-up grime and dirt, when other brand name products failed.

    27. And if you're fighting a losing battle to get your little ones ( children) to clean the toilet, give it a much-needed exfoliating scrub with a pumice cleaning stick.

    Reviewer's before and after photo showing a toilet bowl with stains and a sparkling toilet bowl after it was cleaned

    28. Or clean a funky kid's toilet in a flash with a fizzy toilet bowl bomb. Plop in the bowl and watch the fizzing action dissolve all the grime (bonus points if you can convince your teens to do it themselves).

    A photo of a hand holding a jar of toilet bath bombs

    29. If your mini me absolutely loves mani-pedis, but also loves to spill half the contents of their nail polish on the floor, try this hack: Coat the spill with sugar to remove the clumps!

    Blogger's photo of sugar sprinkled on nail polish spilled on the floor

    30. Vanquish those vomit smells that just won't go away no matter what you do with a homemade cleaning solution. It'll come in handy when the tummy bug stikes your home.🤮

    Blogger's photo of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and liquid dish soap

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