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    41 Parenting Products That'll Make Your Life Easier

    From a paci medicine dispenser to padded stroller hooks — these game-changing products will make you wonder how you ever lived without them.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A game-changing FridaBaby medicine dispenser syringe which doubles as an actual pacifier for any child who hates — repeat, HATES — taking meds, and ends up spitting it all out.


    Promising review: "This thing is worth its weight in gold! A must have in my opinion because it makes life so much easier. We use it with gripe water or Tylenol around her immunizations. We bought it because she would cough and sputter because she wouldn't swallow well when given it in the cheek even in tiny amounts. It makes it a much faster process because all she has to do it suck like using a normal bottle or paci and she has never turned away because of taste either. It also happens to soothe like a regular paci afterward. Great buy." —Sullivan

    Get it from Amazon for $11.04.

    2. A pack of stick-on fever indicators that'll let you monitor your child's fever for up to 48 hours simply by looking at the the bug sticker on their forehead. These change color to indicate temp.


    It goes without saying that these stickers aren't a replacement for a thermometer. But, if your kid has a temperature, these will help you keep track of whether their fever is spiking or going down.

    Promising review: "As a new Mom, I can assure you these things are A MUST! I used to take my sons temperature the old fashion way, and he'd kick and scream and I could never get an accurate temperature. I came across these stickers and they have made sick time at my house so much easier. It's just a great product because I can look at anytime and get an accurate temperature. If you're a Mom like me, you're wanting to take temperatures every 30 minutes, and using a thermometer to do that just doesn't work with a grouchy baby." —Matt

    Get eight stickers from Amazon for $6.50.

    3. And a pack of stick-on placemats to not only thwart your toddler's Thor-like attempts to yank and toss everything on the floor but also keep their food off germy restaurant tables *and* minimize post-meal cleanup.,

    Promising review: "My 10-month-old loves to feed himself finger foods but I hate putting food directly on restaurant tables. He tends to throw/knock over plates so I wanted to try this as another option... and we love them! They stick to the table and cover the entire area in front of him so that I can place pieces of food on there. Then when the meal is over, I simply pull the cover up and the mess on the table is contained. Very simple and makes life much easier. Highly recommend!" —JenF

    Get a pack of 60 for $16.59.

    4. A game-changing Honest Company diaper rash spray for making diaper changes less of a hassle on the go and ensure your fingernails aren't victimized by that greasy, sticky paste.

    The bottle of diaper rash cream spray

    Promising review: "This makes diaper changing and dealing with rashes a breeze. I hate using the kind in the tube, even with those special applicators, it’s just too much stuff to deal with when you can just spray this stuff and be done with it. A good tip to even be more effective is to let baby’s butt air out for a few seconds after using the wet wipes, spray, let it set, and then fasten the diaper. However, just spraying and going is fine too. I’m never buying diaper cream in a tube again as long as this product is on the market."—Janice Newman

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    5. Or a Baby Bummy stick, an all-natural, vegan diaper rash balm made with apricot kernel oil, shea butter and candelilla wax that you can simply roll on to give your hands a break and make diaper changes less of a *bummer*.

    The diaper balm stick
    Sudzy Bums Vegan Soap / Etsy

    Sudzy Bums Vegan Soap is a small biz based in Aurora, Illinois, owned by a mother of four that specializes in vegan handmade soap for the whole family.

    Promising review: "I cannot say enough good things about this diaper rash cream! I love that its easy to apply, no mess for mom and dad and easy cleanup as well (no scrubbing just gently wipes off the bum). Not to mention it smells amazing! Loved it so much I order a second for the diaper bag. Now I need another for our other changing station!" —Annie Durst

    Get it from Sudzy Bums Vegan Soap on Etsy for $8.

    6. A car vent dip clip so the kiddos can dip those fries and nuggets to their heart's content without causing a ketchup explosion in the car.,

    Promising review: "Where have these been all my life?!?! These are the BEST! Idk how many times me or my kids have dropped sauces while in the car and had a mess to clean up. These take all that hassle away. I gave one to my daughter and her friend asked her 'where does your mom find all the cool stuff'" —may

    Promising review: "These work so well! No more cringing when I give my kids ketchup in the car! The removable cup that comes with it perfectly holds ketchup from the squeeze packets and with or without the removable cup, it perfectly holds condiment cups from fast food! I'm getting more to gift to my family! They all comment about how awesome they are when they ride in my car!" —MammaOfTew

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $8.79+ (available in four colors and also available as a four-pack and six-pack).

    7. A viral TikTok toothbrush holder and dispenser that'll squeeze toothpaste on your child's brush for you and save you from having to wipe down toothpaste-smeared counters.,

    This bad boy includes a toothpaste dispenser (that'll squeeze out every last ounce!), four cups and holders, and a place to store your toothbrushes.

    Promising review: "So glad we found this! With a 4- and 5-year-old I was constantly cleaning toothpaste off everything in the bathroom! This is great, they basically need zero help from me now. And it keeps my counter less cluttered with everything in one handy place. Highly recommend especially if you have kids!" —Maggie Byers

    Promising review: "Love this! Makes brushing teeth with kids much easier. No more messes and don’t have to worry about them putting too much on their toothbrush it does get messy inside where the toothpaste comes out but it’s easy to clean just pop top off and rinse off. Makes life easier." —Danielle

    Get it from Amazon for $18.98+ (available in three colors).

    8. A two-pack of stroller hooks with foam handles capable of holding purses, grocery bags, backpacks, (and even the shopping basket below) making running errands with children in tow ~infinitely easier.~


    Promising review: "LOVE that they are fully padded. These hooks have made my life easier. I have two babies, so anything to make life simpler is awesome!" —turtle

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $12.48.

    9. An OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser to solve every parent's most annoying First World problem by letting them pull out a 👏 single 👏 wipe 👏 with 👏 one 👏 hand while wrestling a squirmy baby.


    Promising review: "The OXO dispenser eliminates all struggles that I’ve experienced with other dispensers before it. I love that I’m able to pull out wipes, ONE at a time, without any difficulty or needing to use two hands.. that aspect alone has made life so much easier. I highly recommend it! And the next time you’re in another crappy situation (you know the one), you will thank yourself for buying this." —Sammy B

    Promising review: "Look — this isn't something that is absolutely necessary, but it sure does make life a lot easier. We love Water Wipes, but they are so freaking annoying to get out of the package. I finally broke down once the baby was moving a lot more and I didn't want to fight with her and the wipes. It makes getting them out so much easier and I never have the problem of multiple wipes coming out anymore. I hate that I had to spend $20 for this, but honestly it's worth it since I'll be wiping butts for many years to come." —Chastity H

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99.

    10. A detangling brush that'll glide through knots to turn your kiddo's daily hair-brushing ordeal into a painless experience without *ouchies or tears* (for both of you). Just trust the 40,000+ people who gave it a 5-star review.


    Reviewers swear this brush works on all hair types: straight, wavy, or curly (from 3a–4c hair).

    Promising review: "PSA to moms of children with wild tangly hair. This brush is amazing! It's usually a huge hassle for me to brush my daughter's hair because it tangles so easily. She says it hurts, I say deal with it, and then an epic battle ensues. I've had this brush for two days and it has made my life so much easier. It glides right through the knots, she says it doesn't hurt anymore, it doesn't cause as much breakage as a regular brush, and it makes her hair look soft and silky. I'm kinda hoping her hair tangles during her nap so I can use it again 😂😂😂" —Amy D.

    Promising review: "The brush actually works very well with my daughters hair. Makes a single dad's life much easier. :)"Anonymous123

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (available in six colors).

    11. And a leave-in conditioning spray for curly hair to magically restore your little one's curls to their former glory once more! It's also free from any toxic stuff including parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

    Reviewer's before photo showing their child's curly hair before using the spray and after photo showing glossy curls with the spray

    Reviewers say this spray will leave wavy or curly hair (from 2a–4c hair) shiny, soft, and bouncy.

    Promising review: "This is my favorite product for my daughter. It really moisturizes her curls. I love seeing how beautiful and bouncy her curls get. It make my life easier styling it. The scent is a plus also. Definitely recommend and I will be stocking up" —Girl_mom

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    12. A pack of sink extenders for saving your back the strain of hoisting your little one over the sink. Not to mention they'll love the independence of washing their hands all by themselves.

    Amazon, Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "Must have for toddlers and small children! LOVE this! My 1- and 3-year-old love washing their hands now and my back gets a nice break. Adding the faucet extenders and a step stool to our bedtime/morning routine has been a godsend. Great bargain for the price." —TeaBea21

    Promising review: "These are perfect to help our 2-year-old daughter reach the water when washing her hands. They fit all of our faucets and are so easy to install. Simple design, but really makes life easier. I would definitely buy again!" —Amazon Customer

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $10.95.

    13. And a pack of ingenious light switch extenders with an easy to grab moon-shaped handle so kiddos can turn the lights on and off ~all by themselves.~ The best part? These glow in the dark.


    These install in minutes on standard light switches.

    Promising review: "Must-have for toddlers! Perfect solution! As my toddler's independence soars, so do frustrations. This light switch extender pack was a great buy. He can now turn on the lights in his room and bathroom. Installation was easy and works as expected." —AW

    Promising review: "My 4-year-old uses this everyday in his bathroom and his bedroom. It makes life easier and he feels like a big boy!" —Danielle W.

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $14.99.

    14. A bath toy organizer boasting 8,500 5-star reviews (!!!) that'll de-clutter a bathtub filled to the brim with toys and actually stick to your wall. What more could you ask for?

    Promising review: "MADE LIFE SO MUCH EASIER!!! Before this product, cleaning the tub was a pain!!!! The kids have so many toys that they throw all over the place, it was such a hassle to get it all cleaned up! Now the kids easily and happily put their clothes away. Plus, there's also a pouch for their shampoo and their bath bombs!" —Ivy

    Get it from Amazon for $9.98+ (available in two sizes and pre-stocked with toys or by itself).

    15. The Ollie Swaddle to make bedtime less of a struggle. It wraps snugly to prevent your lil escape artist from breaking out and boasts an opening at the bottom to make diaper changes a breeze. The best part? Moisture wicking fabric to prevent overheating.

    A model holding a baby in the sky blue swaddle
    The Ollie World

    The Ollie World is a small biz based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, founded by a foster mom, who set out to make her own swaddle that could meet all of her foster son's needs.

    Promising review: "Took the Ollie swaddle to the hospital with us. I will say it’s the number one baby product that I have bought that has made my time with a newborn so much easier! She loves it, I love it, her dad loves it and I tell all my friends!" —Kate Mudd Qualman

    Get it from The Ollie World for $59 (available in five colors).

    16. A Whiskware pancake batter mixer with a BlenderBall wire whisk that'll let you whip up a batch of pancakes at lightning speed on hectic mornings — no separate mixing bowl, messy spoons, or batter-coated countertops. Simply add your ingredients, shake, and pour from the spout. Breakfast's ready 😋!


    Promising review: "Ohhhh, what a lifesaver. My husband is the pancake maker in our house, it's something special he does with the kids on weekends while he lets me sleep in a bit. However, when I wake up and come downstairs, I always found a huge mess to clean up. He cooks them, but never cleaned up. I never complained (hey, I get to sleep in!!) but offered suggestions on how to cook without making such a mess. We're talking not only mixing bowls not rinsed out with now dried pancake batter caking them, but drips of batter on my stove, on the floor, and in my CLEAN cast iron skillet that sits next to the stove. I had enough when I came down to find dried pancake batter on THREE of the stoves burners. I had to dismantle the stove to clean it. Making memories with the kids is great, making more work for Mom is NOT! I saw this pancake mixer in passing while browsing Amazon and knew I had to get it. It works. Great. Messes are gone. The only thing I need to do is rinse out this product when I get up, and then put it in the dishwasher. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Blenderbottle. You took a lot of stress off my shoulders!!" —Dugrace

    Promising review: "LOVE IT! I read through the reviews before buying this and wasn’t sure it was gonna be what I wanted. I was pleasantly surprised! This is perfect! I wanted to make life easier on school days and this really does the trick! Super easy to use. Goes right in the dishwasher." —Veronica

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    17. The Pink Stuff, a magical all-purpose cleaning paste so you can effortlessly remove lipstick or Sharpie marks when they mysteriously appear on your walls with *minimal scrubbing.*,

    Promising review: "I saw this on TikTok and had to try it. Being a mom and a babysitter, we have the occasional crayon or marker on surfaces it is not supposed to be. This takes it right off without a ton of elbow grease. I also used it on my converse today. They were covered in dirt and grass stains from doing yard work and now they look brand-new. This stuff is a lifesaver!" —TammyC117

    Promising review: "If you’ve ever got lipstick on anything you know how hard it is to remove. My 4-year-old loves makeup and thinks she the next Picasso. This stuff removed it with only rubbing it over it. No scrubbing at all. I’m completely sold!"Anastasha

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    18. A set of ingenious magnetic locks that don't require screwing into your cabinets. These install in seconds with tape to keep your curious tot from breaking into drawers. Bonus: They're hidden inside so they aren't eye sores.


    The set comes with 12 locks (with strong 3M double-sided tape on the back) and two keys.

    Promising review: "These are awesome! I spent hours with a drill and screwdriver installing push down locks on cupboards five years ago. I now have another crawling baby and those ones are all broken. I was dreading installing new ones and saw these. They literally go on in seconds, the bracket means it lines up perfectly, and the adhesive is strong! My older kids think the magnet key is super fun. Baby stays out of the chemicals and I put one on the trash door so the dog stays out of the trash so everyone gets to live longer. Win-win. I also love that you can 'turn' them off and on so when my kids are bigger we can flip the switch but if little kids were visiting we could put them back on."Joseph J. Krakker

    Promising review: "These have made my life so much easier!!! I imagine if my little boy reaaaaalllly pulled he may be able to break the lock possibly, but he tries and gives up. I do feel they are adhered well. I highly recommend for a no-drill and easy installation fix!" —Alicia

    Get a set from Amazon for $28.79.

    19. A sight word Bingo game; if you've ever asked yourself, "How do I take the frustration out of teaching sight words and make it FUN?" then this game is for you.

    Word board with chips, cards, and packaging

    The set comes with 36 playing cards, 264 playing chips, caller's mat and cards, and a storage box. This version is a fun twist on the classic, but instead of calling out numbers, the leader calls out words (there are 46 most-used words), players search their cards for a match and place a red chip on the match. Once a player has covered the spaces on their card needed to win, they call BINGO! 

    Promising review: "Getting my daughter to do sight words has been a nightmare lately, she pretends she has no idea what anything is and refuses to sit down and try. But, with this game, she wants to play for hours!!! I give her two cards and we all play together as a family, she thinks it is the best game and it really is helping her learn her sight words!! Finally something that gets her excited about learning!!" —Rebecca

    Get it from Amazon for $8.51.

    20. A soothing mushroom pacifier, a total godsend when your little one is teething because it's designed for little hands to hold onto easily (no more constantly picking up pacis off the floor). It has14,000 5-star (!!!) reviews for a reason.

    reviewer's photo of the blue mushroom-shaped pacifier

    Note: Please supervise your baby when using this, and make sure it's never flipped inside out. 

    Promising review: "MUST-HAVE FOR TEETHING BABY. We have tried so many teethers, and none of them gave my little guy relief, and he had trouble holding, etc. He loves to chew on his hand, so this is perfect as it has grips in the middle under the mushroom. He chews on it for teething and uses it as a pacifier. LOVE THESE!! I already ordered two more. 🤣" —Mark

    Promising review: "My little one LOVES this thing! It's super easy for him to hold which makes my life easier from having to pick up dropped teethers all the time :)" —S H

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99 (available in five colors).

    21. A pack of motion-activated toilet night-lights for making those middle-of-the-night toilet runs less messy for the kiddos and prevent you from needing to leave the bathroom light on all night long.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this product. Especially because with a husband and a son, they tend to sprinkle on the toilet seat in the middle of the night. With the color set to any bright color (like white, yellow, green, or blue) it illuminates every single sprinkle on the seat! You will no longer have a bottom wet with pee in the middle of the night! When I purchased this I bought a case of AAA batteries thinking I would have to change them often (with six people in the house they get used often). However I have not had to change the batteries once in a few months! Also the sensor is super sensitive so it turns on as you come through the door, or even a little before. Just a great product all around. Definitely recommend for households with children, you won't have to leave your bathroom light in all night anymore either! #MomWin." —Angela

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $12.89.

    22. And a pack of toilet seat covers to have on hand if it feels like an impossible-seeming task to keep your child's hands off those gross public restroom seats.

    Reviewer's photo showing the seat cover on a toilet

    Promising review: "LOVEEEEE THESE. I bought these for my recent Disney trip. They are huge, they cover the entire seat with a little extra, so there’s zero worrying over touching the seat. And best of all, they’re a good paper material. It’s thick, unlike the paper-thin one’s you’d find in the stalls at Disney. An absolute must for moms since kids don’t fit on the seat all that great; or like mine who puts her hands on the seat. Even with no kids, and you hate public restrooms like I do, just put like two or three in your bag for the day and you’re golden." —Stephanie Toledo

    Promising review: "These stay in my toddler bag, some in my vehicle and a few in my purse. Makes life much easier when going out and about with toddlers!!" —Todd Allen

    Get a pack of 24 covers at Amazon for $9.99.

    23. An ingenious portable vibrating pad you can tuck in a crib mattress, bassinet, car seat, or stroller to create gentle vibrations to help your munchkin drift off just about anywhere. No more driving desperately around the block playing CoComelon's "Yes Yes Bedtime Song" on repeat to get them to sleep.


    BTW, it's not just for babies; adult reviewers swear by it too.

    Promising review: "I put this in my 4-month-old daughter's bassinet. It has made naps and bedtime so easy! I went from walking her around, rocking her, laying by her for sometimes hours with both of us tired and frustrated, to feeding her, turning this on, laying her down and walking away. It helps her soothe herself to sleep. And in a matter of minutes. Now she can spend time in my arms happy not crying and frustrated with me trying to get her to sleep." —Powder Crunch

    Get it from Amazon for $19.48.

    24. A fizzy toilet-cleaning bomb that'll make cleaning a funky-smelling kid's bathroom the least painful experience possible. Simply plop in the bowl and watch the fizzing action dissolve all the grime (bonus points if you can convince your teens to do it themselves).

    A bag and pile of soap bombs
    Juniper Seed Mercantile / Etsy

    Juniper Seed Mercantile is a small biz based in Littleton, Colorado, owned by a mother-daughter team, specializing in earth-friendly goods for body, baby, and home.

    Promising review: "Repeat buyer because I really like these! They work great and my kids think it’s fun to clean the toilets when they can use these! It’s a win-win!" —Jennifer 

    Get it from Juniper Seed Mercantile on Etsy for $10.

    25. As seen on Shark Tank, a nifty car seat buckle release tool so you don't have to struggle with unbuckling your older one's seatbelt, while holding a squirmy baby in the other hand. Am I the only one who gets irrationally frustrated when it takes approx. 1 million tries to get them free?


    Promising review: "I love this tool. It has made my life much easier now that my 4- year-old can unbuckle himself when it’s time to get out of the car. (He knows he will lose the privilege if he tries to unbuckle without permission.) He appreciates any opportunities I can give him to be a little more independent." —R Hawk

    Promising review: "This device is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time! It works as advertised, doesn’t require a learning curve and makes life with a child (grandchild) easier. Better yet three adults with zero mechanical skills are already using it. Everybody wants one for their keychain so to avoid any family arguments I will order 2 more.I have large hands so the wide pressing area works well. The area is also made with a non-slip cushioned covering which is a big help! Before I purchased this device pushing the red car seat button was sometimes problematic but no longer. Do yourself a favor and destress a small part of your life — you will love it." —yogaski

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    26. A bug bite suction tool invented by a mom that'll instantly relieve itching and swelling from a bug bite without needing to grab creams or ointments from the medicine cabinet. Plus, it's soooo easy to use, even the kids can do it.

    A BuzzFeed editor's arm with a bite on it, the editor holding the suction tool and an after photo of the swelling reduced on the editor's arm.
    Rebecca O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "It WORKS! Daughter has bad reactions to mosquitoes and gets painful welts. We used this and immediately the swelling went down, and they didn't itch or give her pain... Why hasn't this been around for 100 years... It's so simple, easy, and effective!" —Amy Joiner

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95 (available in two colors).

    27. An ingenious sandwich cutter and sealer so you can make your own Smuckers Uncrustables copycats at home without a trip to the store to spend nearly $10 for a box.


    Promising review: "These have been a GAME CHANGER in this house!! My son has always begged me for Uncrustables but my wallet didn’t agree with them. I LOVE being able to make them at home and customize them to exactly what they would like them filled with! I make two weeks' worth of sandwiches at a time and store them in sandwich bags in the freezer so in the morning during the school year we can just grab and go! Love them!" —Katherine Smaczniak

    Get it from Amazon for $19.96.

    28. And an apple corer and cutter that'll pop out 16 snackable slices with just a push of a button and spare your tired hands. Easy peasy apple squeezy!

    An apple being sliced into 16 even slices with the cutter

    Promising review: "I hate cutting apples but my kids LOVE apples. This makes my life so much easier!" —Lindsay

    Promising review: "I love this product! We eat a lot of apples and this makes my life easier and the thin slices are perfect for my kids! Easy to use and clean!" —Jamie O.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in three colors).

    29. A machine-washable coloring tablecloth for actually getting bored babes to sit still during mealtimes.

    The Coloring Table

    The Coloring Table is a small biz based in San Antonio, Texas.

    Promising review: "The kiddos love it, and even the adults started coloring. Fun, fun, fun. Will see how it washes up, but so far very nice product!" —jatandra

    Get it from The Coloring Table on Etsy for $29.99+ (available in three sizes).

    30. A waterproof potty-training watch that exists for the sole purpose of reminding toddlers or preschoolers to use the toilet on the reg *so you don't have to*. Before you know it, they'll be excitedly yelling "potty time" when the alarm goes off. What a time to be alive!


    You can preset intervals of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours, and 3 hours. The watch has an inbuilt proximity sensor and only sounds alerts when it is worn so no need to turn it off at night. How smart is that?

    Promising review: "My son who will turn 3 next month, has been potty trained since April. Recently he started having accidents at school because he would get too distracted and not want to stop playing and go to the bathroom. His teacher recommended I get this watch and it has been amazing! Whenever the watch goes off he gets so excited and goes to the bathroom right away! He loves his watch and it’s made it so easier not having to remind him that he needs to go."Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $23.95.

    31. A sunrise simulation alarm clock if your kids refuse to wake up when it's dark and cold outside. This clock will wake them up with gradual lighting and nature sounds. No more making a dozen trips to their room to yell at them.

    Reviewer's photo of the lit up alarm clock on a nightstand

    Promising review: "Considering some of these clocks can run well over $100, the $38 I spent on this was a great investment. I had really been struggling with getting my kids (5 and 6) up in the morning for school, having to go in every couple of minutes, starting out sweet and loving and ending with me being a complete psychopath before they would actually get up. I have the light set to start getting brighter about 20 minutes before wake up and the alarm, which we have set to bird noises (a lot less annoying than the beep of a regular alarm), starts at wake-up time. Overall, it's a very nice, peaceful transition. Best of all, since the purchase, I haven't even had to walk into my kid's rooms to get them up, not even once." —Lucky1112

    Promising review: "My daughter is a very deep sleeper, which makes waking her for school an absolute chore. We have tried many alarms in the past. They would just go off until I went up to turn them off. I began to think nothing would ever wake her! I decided to try this alarm clock in the hopes that I would no longer have to allot 30 minutes every morning to trying to wake her. We have had this clock for about two weeks now and I have not needed to go up to wake her since its arrival!! I cannot tell you how shocked I am at how quickly it worked. This is an amazing product!! Thank you so much for helping my 8-year-old become more independent." —Katelyn Whittier

    Get it from Amazon for $45.98.

    32. A car baby monitor to provide a crystal-clear view of your bub from the dashboard. A game changer for anyone who is fully aware of how painful it is to pull over to check on a crying baby at every stoplight.

    Reviewer's photo of their child on the screen on their dash board

    PSA: It goes without saying, but please keep your eyes on the road.

    Promising review: "This camera is a new mommy must-have. I was using a mirror and constantly was readjusting it and relying on my mirror to see his mirror and it was stressful. I knew there had to be something better when I ended up driving at night with my 2-month-old to the hospital and he was freaking out and I couldn’t see him so I was pulling over to check on him every few minutes and it was a nightmare. This camera has been my saving grace. I was hesitant at first reading reviews saying it’s not night vision but mine automatically switches even in parking garages to night vision. I love that I can see my baby and not have to fix a mirror. Or turn my head to see fully what’s going on with him in the back. I really really recommend this for peace of mind!! —Jennifer K

    Promising review: "This is honestly the best purchase I’ve ever made since becoming a mom. Like, hands down, my favorite product ever. This camera definitely makes life easier, and I wish I had it for my other two when they were babies. It took less than five minutes to get it up and running and they included everything I needed. I have a Dodge Grand Caravan and it reaches all the way to the third row. I recommend it to all my mom friends!" —Kristin Morgan

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

    33. A Baby Shusher because even though it may seem ridiculous to buy a gadget that literally uses a human voice to make a shushing sound — it'll pay for itself when you no longer have to stay up until 2 a.m. exhausted from “shhh”ing repeatedly.,

    The Baby Shusher is safe to use in a crib, has adjustable volume, and it can be set to make noise for 15 or 30 minute intervals.

    Promising review: "I was so tired of 'shushing.' Literally. I shushed so hard and for so long, it made me light-headed. My baby has serious FOMO and fights naps like the plague. This helps so much! Even during the worst fits this helps calm her and she's out in minutes. Great for the car too!" —Jami

    Promising review: "It's magic. I am totally skeptical about all these new things. I mean people have raised kids for centuries without silly stuff like this right? But my son's dad bought this for me and it is incredible. It may seem silly but it will also make your life easier. And anything that helps mama get just a little more sleep or moments to relax is wonderful." —Shannon McCue

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

    34. A sleek touchless forehead thermometer compact and lightweight enough to toss into a purse or backpack. It has a built-in sensor that measures in seconds — letting you take your little one's temperature without disturbing them while they're sleeping.


    Promising review: "I purchased this to take on our recent vacation during the COVID-19 outbreak. I didn't want any surprises since we were flying both directions so I decided to take a thermometer with me. I wanted one that would be easy to use on four people and this was ideal. Just put in batteries and put the thermometer near a person's forehead and voilà! One of our kids did get a temperature while we were gone. This was due to too much sun. Fortunately, by having the thermometer we were able to assess and address the issue quickly and were able to get the temperature back in the normal range quickly. What a great tool." —Soup1958

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    35. A value pack of reusable 500+ puffy stickers that'll keep your perpetually bored toddler engaged for hours (which is nothing short of a miracle, TBH). Plus, they're easy for little ones to peel, stick...and restick all by themselves.

    20 sheets of stickers

    The stickers feature letters, numbers, vehicles, butterflies, deep-sea life, animals, fish, dinosaurs, and more.

    Promising review: "I love that they are removable. They don’t leave marks on your window. You can even place them back on the plastic sheet and use them again. I have a busy box for my toddler and these stickers are in there. She peels them off and puts them on the lid of the box and then peels them off again and puts them back. She creates scenes with them. She puts them on windows at home. I peel them off and put them back. They really are fantastic stickers." —Elizabeth A. Zapf

    Get a pack of 20 sheets from Amazon for $7.99.

    36. A waterproof car trash can because you're tired of cleaning icky sticky messes from the car seats and floor. *sigh*

    lunch box-sized black car trash can with liner bags

    Promising review: "By far, this is the best trash can for a car I’ve had in my life! And yes, I have tried others! I have a small SUV, and this is large enough to collect the trash from receipts, napkins, and apple sauce pouches from my kid, and straps to the back of my console so it’s in easy reach! The snaps on the side keep a trash bag in place, but if there is a spill it’s very easy to clean! And the lid keeps everything inside if it happens to get kicked! I definitely recommend!" —Kristi

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (also available in a larger size with a lid).

    37. An inexpensive portable white noise machine that'll drown out noises and lull your baby to sleep in unfamiliar places with calming, spa-like sounds. It has thousands of 5-star reviews for a reason (adults swear by it too!)

    The portable white noise machine

    Promising review: "We use it at night, during the day at home, and even on the go. With our first baby we had white noise on our phones, this just makes our lives so much easier. We just leave it next to the baby with timer, and she sleeps for a few hours" —Tatiana Figueiredo

    Promising review: "This product has been a lifesaver! Our child LOVES the sound of rain/whitenoise and this has calmed her down in the carseat sooooo much. She dislikes the carseat and the portable machine has made our lives easier. We used it about everyday for a month before the batteries finally died. Worth the money 100%." —Brianna

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    38. A pair of kick mats so you don't have to worry about car seats being wrecked by muddy shoe prints — thanks to your kiddo aka future Tae Kwon Do champ.

    A kid in a backseat of a car with their feet kicking the front seat but the cover is protecting the back of the car seat

    It fits most sedan, SUV, and minivan seats. They buckle on using two elastic straps.

    Promising review: "They installed in seconds in my 2016 Hyundai Sonata. I was worried about the light interior color and messy children, so these mats are a perfect solution. Went back and forth on whether or not to buy these particular kick mats because I was worried about the strap visibility. Even though it is visible, it is not unsightly and could possibly even be shoved into the crack of the seat little farther depending upon the type of seat you have. So far so good." —Annie D

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $17.79.

    39. A pack of laminated math posters you can hang up on the wall to make homework visually engaging (and a lot less painful). Perfect for elementary through middle school ages.,

    Promising review: "As a homeschool mom when I found these charts I loved them. They cover a lot of material that my first grader is learning, as well as many things to come. Seeing the visuals the way they have them set up helped him understand several concepts (place numbers, fractions, some things about reading time) much quicker than the ways we had been covering it. Even if my son returns to the school system next year, we will keep these around for homework aids and to help the younger siblings as they approach learning these concepts. The boards are of nice quality. Bright colors, thick poster board that can be written on with dry-erase and wiped off. Homeschool must-have." —Marvel

    Get a pack of 12 from Amazon for $13.99.

    40. An inexpensive Pop2Play foldable indoor slide that LITERALLY pops up in minutes to instantly turn any room into a playground when it's cold and rainy outside. Plus, it folds down flat for easy storage once playtime's over.,

    The slide's capable of holding up to 50 lbs.

    Promising review: "I got this for indoor entertainment during the winter months and I am SO impressed with this slide. It couldn’t be easier to set up, no assembly required, and much sturdier than I expected. My 19mo old LOVES it, I am so happy with this purchase. If you have little ones it’s a must." —LCRB

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in two styles).

    41. An Ezpz silicone mini training cup and straw combo designed by a pediatric feeding specialist to teach toddlers to safely drink from an open cup and straw. It'll fit perfectly in chubby little hands (thanks to the weighted bottom) and make the transition from the bottle to the cup, well, easy peasy.


    Ezpz is is a woman-owned biz that creates developmentally focused, minimalist tableware for little ones.

    PS: The cup and straw are made from 100% toxin-free silicone (no BPA, BPS, PVC, latex, or phthalates). The food-grade silicone is safe for your toddler’s developing teeth + gums and dishwasher safe.

    Promising review: "Must-have! I had been concerned that my 1-year-old wasn’t picking up straw drinking easily. The day the straw training cup arrived, she began drinking from a straw!! Yay! Made me so unbelievably happy! Of course, the cup is darling and the design detail is excellent. The speech pathologist who constructed the cup knew exactly what she was doing. I highly recommend you get this cup!" —Rachel

    Get it from EZPZ for $17.49.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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