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10 Delicious Cocktails You Should Drink This Summer

Warm nights, refreshing glassfuls of delicious summery fun. Summer is served up best with Chambord!

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45mL gin

30mL lemon juice

15mL simple syrup

Crushed Ice

15mL Chambord

Blackberries for garnish

Lemon wedge and/or basil for garnish

Shake gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup and strain into glass piled high with crushed ice. Drizzle Chambord over top, and garnish with blackberries and lemon wedge, or basil if you're feeling fancy.


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30mL Chambord

20mL fresh lemon juice

15mL raspberry puree

Crushed Ice


Raspberry for garnish

Lemon wedge for garnish

Shake together Chambord, lemon juice, and raspberry puree. Strain into long glass with crushed ice. Top with fizz, raspberry, and twist of lemon, and bring a little spring into your summer.


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750mL red wine

240mL Chambord

1 pint raspberries

1 whole lemon, sliced

1 whole orange, sliced

8 tsp brown sugar

Mix all ingredients in large pitcher. Cover and refrigerate overnight or for at least 4 hours. Serve on the rocks to everyone at your next soirée.


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20mL Chambord

35mL vodka

6 mint leaves

12mL fresh lemon juice

Fresh cloudy apple juice

1 sprig mint or apple fan for garnish

Take all ingredients and pour over ice with lots of mint. Stir, swirl, and finish with mint sprig or a fan of apple. Then stand on one leg, flamingo-style, as you drink. Or not!



1 cup watermelon, seedless

30mL vodka

10mL simple syrup

Lemon zest or mint for garnish

Puree watermelon in food processor and pour into empty ice cube trays. Take a 4-hour nap in a hammock while your watermelon freezes. In blender, combine frozen watermelon cubes, vodka, and syrup, and blend until smooth. Pour into frozen glass and garnish with lemon or mint.



6–8 black raspberries

6–8 mint leaves

Fresh lime juice

35mL white rum

15mL Chambord

1 Tbsp. sugar

Ice cubes

1 splash soda water

1 sprig mint for garnish

Muddle black raspberries, mint leaves, fresh lime juice, rum, Chambord, and sugar. Add ice, then top with soda water and garnish with mint sprig and leftover black raspberries. Delicious!


Courtesy of Chambord

35mL Chambord

35mL Woodford Reserve

25mL cranberry juice

10mL lemon juice

10mL egg white (optional)

Crushed Ice

Raspberry for garnish

Shake all ingredients together with ice. Strain over glass of crushed ice, top with frothy egg white, garnish with raspberry, and get ready to feel very decadent.


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100mL prosecco

15mL Chambord

1 sugar cube

5–7 pomegranate seeds

1 sprig rosemary for garnish

Pour prosecco and Chambord into your fanciest coupe, drop in sugar cube and pomegranate seeds, and garnish with rosemary. A Christmas cocktail that's delightful any time of the year!


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15mL Chambord

30mL vodka

60mL pineapple juice

Handful of ice

Raspberry or lemon twist for garnish

Pour Chambord, vodka, and pineapple juice in shaker. Add ice and shake it up. Strain into martini glass and top with raspberry or a lemon twist — et voilà!

Top your summer with a splash of Chambord! Because: no reason.

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