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17 Ways To Treat Your Furry Best Mate

They are the apple of your eye and deserve the world.

1. Feed them a DOMUT every time they deserve a reward.

2. Get their little legs pumping at least once a day.

3. Give belly rubs, chin scratches and nose boops at all times.

4. Essentially, just offer them as many cuddles as they can take.

5. Spoil them with toys for them to enjoy.

6. Praise positive behaviour because good dogs deserve to be rewarded.

7. And ignore negative behaviour.

8. Trim, or let your dog's hair grow depending on the weather.

9. Invest in all the dog pampering goods to make bath time fun.

10. And turn your personal pamper time into joint paw-per time.

11. Make sure they feel like they're one of the family.

12. Enrolling in puppy preschool is an absolute must!

13. And, once they've graduated, take them to dog parks to socialise.

14. Introduce them to your social circle.

15. Get to know your local vet and make sure they're up to date with all your bestie's furry needs.

16. Keep up to date with their flea and tick medication.

17. And finally, give them lots and lots of never-ending love!

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