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Stuff You Can Do In The Shower Other Than Washing Yourself

No kinky stuff here, folks.

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Recently I came upon a video of people trying oranges in the shower and was intrigued. Upon further research, I discovered that the trend started on a subreddit page by a user called ShowerOrange. You can find all sorts of information of this in the two links down below, if you fancy.

I had always viewed showering as something of necessity-- like brushing your teeth or clipping your toenails. There were equal parts personal discomfort and social shame around neglecting these kinds of tasks. And as someone with a tub/shower combo, baths are both uncomfortable and kind of gross. So, I was subjugated to frequent, boring showers.

And then I ate an orange during my shower. (It was actually a clementine because I prefer those but it's all the same.) And, my goodness, it was out of this world. I now look forward to showering because I get to eat two delicious, cold clementines under the steaming water. People-- it is a delicacy. It wouldn't surprise me if was a royal secret in the House of Windsor and Queen Elizabeth II did it every night to keep herself young (at heart).

After this borderline spiritual experience of eating an orange in the shower, I began to think-- what if a shower could be just as fabulous as a bath? What if we can bring into existence the phrase "I honestly just need to run myself a warm shower and relax"?

So, to make this happen, I have compiled a list of all the things you can do in the shower other than washing yourself. For all you shower takers, I'm not saying this is going to change your life. I'm just saying it probably will.

Eat an orange

No to be redundant, but seriously, eat a freaking orange in the shower. It's liberating, as you can peel and bite into the orange without having to worry about the mess it creates. And, if the orange juices get on you, you're only a rinse away. Not only that, but it also creates a delicious aroma.

Cut your toenails/fingernails

The perfect time to cut your nails is actually in the shower. The water makes the nails soft and makes them easy to cut, and provides a cleaner cut that puts less stress on the nail. Take a pair of clippers into the shower and cut those nails towards the end of your shower. No clean up required.

Brush your teeth

Not only is this one also easy for clean up, but also a real time saver. Bring your tooth brush and tooth paste into the shower and brush your teeth at the beginning of the shower. Regardless of the time of the day I take my showers at, I love doing this, as it feels like I'm cleaning all of my body. However, don't keep your brush in the shower. The shower can be an incubator for bacteria, so just bring it in and out with you.

Bring a water bottle of your favorite beverage

Who said a nice glass of the wine is just for the tub? The shower version is a ~little~ less classy, but it's super simple. A few hours before your shower, fill a water bottle with your favorite beverage, whether it be soda or alcohol. Get it out right before you get in the shower, and try not to run it under the water so it stays cold.

Do some yoga

This is a good one-- but only if you're careful. Doing some light stretching in the shower can be great for your body-- the heat from the water and not having any clothes to hinder you can be a real plus. Make sure that you have steady footing and have a bath mat that will prevent slipping, and do some light stretches. The website below can below your best friend.

Use the shower head settings for a nice massage

Most shower heads have multiple settings, and if you didn't know, one of them is a strong jet. This is great if you have back pain after working out or standing up for a while, and letting the jet hit the problem area for a little while, and then relax once you are out of the shower.

Watch Netflix

While the shower might be a good time for silence and reflecting on your thoughts and feelings, Netflix is also a viable option for shower time. I suggest bringing a phone and not an iPad, and if you do not have a waterproof case, use a sealed plastic sandwich bag and clip it to your shower caddy or just hold it while you shower. In order to hear it most clearly, connect to a bluetooth waterproof speaker or a speaker outside your shower.

Hand-wash delicates

As a person who doesn't have enough bras in order to wear more than three throughout the week (lol), this one is particularly helpful. Gently wash your delicates using gentle soap in the shower, rinsing and hanging them to dry all while in the shower. The next day, if you control the humidity in the bathroom, your bras/undies should be clean.

Use a shower bomb

Bath bombs are a selling point for frequent bathers. However, shower bombs offer the same aroma-therapy and the array of colors in the water. You drop it in the shower and as the water runs over it, and it an overwhelmingly pleasant experience. Click on the link below to read a professional's opinion.

Listen to a podcast or audiobook

Listening to a podcast or audiobook in the shower can make your showers not only therapeutic but also educational. Find a podcast you like or your favorite book on tape and grab yourself a waterproof speaker and indulge in the shower.

Finally, that is all I have to offer. Please add to the conversation below if you have any other cool stuff you do in the shower to make it as enjoyable as a bath.

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