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Towards A Peaceful Coexistence Via Social Entrepreneur

Today's world is undergoing profound and complex changes. The current of the time, marked by peace, development, cooperation and win-win, asserts itself even more. States become more and more interdependent to form a community of destiny. At the same time, the injustices and inequalities in international relations are acute. Global challenges are multiplying, regional conflicts and local wars succeed one another. Many people, children in particular, still live under the blaze of war, and in many developing countries people still suffer from hunger and precariousness. We, therefore, have a long way to go to preserve world peace and promote shared development.

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Sticking to shared development to create enabling the environment for people of the world. The sky, the planet, and the world are big enough for the growth and prosperity of all countries. The situation where some countries are growing more affluent, and others are still suffering from poverty and underdevelopment cannot last. Only the development of each allows the development of all. Each country must, while seeking its development, actively contribute to shared development so that the fruits of development benefit more and better for all peoples.

We must work together to preserve and develop an open international economy, promote the strong, sustainable and balanced growth of the world economy, encourage liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment. And also by pursuing open regional cooperation, combat all forms of protectionism and to fight against any attempt and any act which aims at dodging its misfortunes by making them fall back on others.

The things of the world develop without rivalry and the four seasons alternate without contradiction. We must respect cultural diversity, promote intercultural exchange and dialogue, foster a peaceful coexistence and the harmonious development of different civilizations, and reject ego-centrism and any attempt to lower another culture or nation.

Transforming into a Social Entrepreneur

1. Be an inspiration

There is a passion for entrepreneurship, and there is the impact on society. And with a social enterprise, you will have both! Have you thought about putting your energy into solving a problem that ultimately will contribute to the progress of our society and the sustainability of our environment? That’s just the thought of every social entrepreneur, never too late to get started and save the world!

2. Respond to market demand

You will surely have noticed that the general environmental consciousness grows over the years. It's a reality, managing the consumer segments of a social enterprise can be a challenge. Indeed, it must often meet the needs of customers but also beneficiaries. In this case, it is the customer segment that feeds the beneficiary segment, which requires a precise balance to find. Be bold and take up this beautiful challenge!

3. Enjoy a rewarding work environment

There are models of participative and autonomous management and are increasingly popular. The workers increasingly appreciate these organizational models. Respect for everyone's opinion, everyone's contribution to the decision-making process and flexibility will be vital elements in the well-being of workers. Social enterprises are therefore unavoidable actors since participative governance is part of their DNA.

4. Looking at the Statistics

Recent years have highlighted the urgency of specific environmental, social and societal issues. Indeed, 10% of the world's population still lives on less than $ 1.90 a day, global warming reached highest in 2015, waste generated is expected to reach more than 11 million tons per day by 2100, the number of deaths caused by migratory movements is estimated at more than 5000 and so on.

Despite the efforts of the community and government to make improvements and find solutions, there is still work to be done. We must all join forces and do our part day by day. Thus, social enterprises offer an "all-in" solution to make a living while contributing to the urgent need to provide answers to contemporary ills. As work represents more than ever an essential part of our daily life, it is essential to integrate the search for sustainability in the professional sphere.

5. No Excuse

If you do not feel or think like an entrepreneur, other ways exist to make an impact: social innovation. Social enterprise focuses on the person as an entrepreneur, while social innovation focuses on a new solution that generates value for society as a whole. It focuses more on a holistic approach. In other words, it puts an end to the segregation between economic models strictly derived from the social and solidarity economy and other actions that support the creation of social value.

There are countless opportunities for one to be part of the world heroes who will change the world by becoming a social entrepreneur or developing a social innovation. Examples of international organization that promotes such enabling environment for all includes Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) and Skoll Foundation that addresses large-scale social change. This movement can be a personal project like the CHI (Cultivate Humanity International) by Mellissa Riddle or in your company, your association or at the level of your organization. So, no excuse, get started!

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