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Tourist Attractions In Bermuda

Who has never heard of Bermuda? Everyone knows the myth of the Bermuda Triangle that discourages some travelers from exploring the archipelago on vacation. Well, if that's your case, you do not know what you're losing because it's heaven. Most people just do not think it's possible to go there.

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Holidays activities in Bermuda include sunbathing on the beach, distracted glance in sparkling blue-green waters, pampered stay in luxury hotels, contemplation of colonial fortresses and warm weather throughout the year. Hard to imagine a more beautiful version of heaven.

Bermuda's abundant warm sandy beaches invite you to relax and laze. To discover one of the most famous beaches in the country, go to Horseshoe Bay. This beach can, however, be bustling when cruise ships are in port; it is better to visit some of the many alternatives available to you. And if desire a family beach, John Smith's Bay or Clearwater Beach is the perfect fit.

Off the coast of North America, Bermuda boasts pink sand beaches, golf courses, luxury hotels and a very contagious vacation atmosphere. Museums, architecture, and relics add a touch of history, while a large number of expatriates gives the country a multi-cultural note.

Although far from being limited only to the sun and the beach, the island also has a rich history to discover as well as amazing outdoor activities. The archipelago of 123 coral islands is a superb destination for seaside holidays and sports. Bathed in the warm waters of the gulf stream, Bermuda enjoys a tropical climate very lenient all year. But beware, even if they are very isolated, Bermuda is not a paradise lost: the density of the population is very high. The two main cities are St. George and Hamilton. Side activities, Bermuda are particularly popular with divers (more than 300 wrecks surround the archipelago!)

You also have the option of walking or cycling on the Bermuda Railway, which used to be used by trains on the island. This trip will allow you to escape the traffic, see the old buildings and enjoy beautiful views of Bermuda.

The island was an important outpost during the colonial era but is now an autonomous territory. A few hours at the Maritime Museum of Bermuda will be enough to discover the history of the country. You will see an entire old British naval base, with guns, and several exciting exhibits.

If you prefer the natural world to culture, you can choose between a visit to the Bermuda Aquarium, the Natural History Museum or the Zoo.

Attractive Sites and Tour Activities in Bermuda

* The Landscapes - For four centuries, the hand of man has shaped a land, initially quite hostile.

* The Abundant Vegetation - The lush vegetation, The Church of St George in Bermuda, Bermuda

* Great Sound Bay - Great Sound Bay, Bermuda

* Leamington And Crystal Caves - Leamington and Crystal Caves, Bermuda

* The Ribs - The archipelago offers more than 100 km of coastline cut into bays. It enjoys a very favorable climate, which makes its tourist reputation, for more than a century.

* The Northern Beaches - The North Beaches, The North Shore

* The Southern Beaches - The South Beaches, The South Coast

* The Coral Reef

* Water Sports

* Diving

* The Bermuda Aquarium

* The Nonsuch Island Nature Park

Arts and Culture

Bermuda is known for the mysterious disappearance of ships and planes flying over the famous Bermuda Triangle. But the archipelago is not limited to legends and scientific hypotheses. Under British rule since the 18th century, Bermuda is a mixture of English phlegm and Caribbean sweetness.

Festival period begins from mid-January until the end of February. For six weeks Bermuda is the scene of folk dances and music as well as exhibitions and theatrical performances. In Easter, the traditional kites are out and complete the palette of colors of the beaches of the archipelago.

In Hamilton, the Bermuda National Gallery exhibits African masks as well as European paintings and Bermudian furniture. Also, visit the city of St. George. Founded in 1612, the city and its fortifications are classified as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Bermuda is the destination dreamed of by most sentient beings. Imagine your honeymoon on a cruise that would begin your journey through the archipelago. Watch yourself half asleep in the shade of an umbrella. Feel the warm sand under your towel, and let yourself go to relax! Tomorrow, plan dive because today it was too short. Take the most beautiful pictures of your life and think of nothing. You are on vacation, enjoy!

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