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Search Engine Optimization – Your Pathway To Sustainable Business Growth And Development

In the past few years, the billion websites barrier was exceeded, and more than 800,000 websites are continuously posted daily. Because of this, it is quite challenging to make you understand and improve your visibility within the search engines. Your site must comply with the rules of the latter, evolving regularly, and respond appropriately to the various criteria of relevance, through SEO.

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What is SEO - Search Engine Optimization?

The SEO - search engine optimization, or SEO, is a set of techniques to improve the understanding of the theme of a web page by search engines. This is called optimization for SEO.

It is vital to know that search engine algorithms take into account about 200 criteria to position and rank a site in the results pages. Optimizing a web page for natural referencing, therefore, means working and adjusting all of these levers around a set of keywords (usually a primary keyword and two to three secondary expressions), with relevance. Remember that all these criteria are independent, so they can be worked separately and repeatedly before achieving sufficient results.

Goals to Achieve

The primary purpose of SEO is the positioning of your pages on a set of desired keywords (which apparently requires a reflection on the needs of your target customers).

The referencing "on-site" which designates the internal factors. This is the optimization of the pages through the different tags, the contents of the site and their structure, the tree structure, the performances and other more specific files (sitemap.xml, robots.txt).

SEO "off-site" which refers to external factors. It includes all indirect practices such as net linking (link strategy pointing to your site) and social presence. This is to develop the visibility of your business through third-party platforms.

Who is SEO for? Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Freelancers?

The awareness has been massive, and the needs of companies to actualize the SEO project cannot be over-hyped however, too few are developing real strategies. SEO is for everyone: businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc. Whatever the activity and the size of your structure, it is impossible for you to ignore such services. A blind site is a site that does not live.

An SEO strategy will make sense of your website and especially make relevant all of your actions. It is, therefore, to integrate from the start of the project and to continue throughout its duration.

When creating your website: to establish the architecture and navigation patterns across pages, the internal structure of your pages, to write and optimize your content, and to optimize all internal factors.

Before uploading: to ensure that no factor will block the indexing of your pages;

After uploading: to check the correct indexation of your pages, the positioning of the latter within the results of engines, to identify KPIs (key performance indicators), to establish your audience monitoring reports, to adjust your actions according to the collected data and this throughout the life of your website.

Why optimize your site for SEO?

Boost your visibility among engine results

If your page answers a specific need, it is optimized for this need and that its potential search volume is sufficient (data collected with Keyword Planner), your visibility will be ensured. But never forget this rule: optimizing a page is not a definitive action. Keep in mind that your competitors also work continuously to improve their positioning!

Generate qualified traffic

If your page meets the expectations of your customers, there is a good chance that they stay longer on your site, visit more pages and benefit from your products/services. Some will go even further by recommending your content.

Improved conversion rate

An SEO strategy also includes thinking about the conversion scheme of your pages. An optimized page is a page whose actions to perform are easily identifiable and affording. Many optimizations can indeed be made on your calls to action.

Increase your ROI and your turnover

A site that converts is a site that generates revenue. The more optimized your pages are, the better they will be, and the better your return on investment will be.

Search engine technologies rely on some indicators of relevance and importance. These measures are taken directly by monitoring the behavior of visitors: How they discover your content, their reactions, their comments, as well as the links that point to this content.

You are now convinced that SEO is essential when you start any activity on the Web. Do you want to take action? Discover now how to optimize your site with useful SEO for Google. So, you cannot just build a perfect website and produce quality content, and it's important to relay that content and make it shared.

The future is uncertain, but in the world of search engines, change is constant. For this reason, optimization for search engines must be and remain a priority to maintain its competitiveness on the internet. To achieve this, it is essential to seek the help of the search engine optimization agencies for a better and well-represented SEO experience.

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