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The Definitive Ranking Of Your Dog's Favorite Hangouts

If there's one thing dogs know how to do, it's play. Spoil your dog by taking them to one of their favorite hang spots and then treating them to Cesar's Savory Delights.

17. The gym.

With all that energy, dogs are a little more keen on pumping iron than we are. Sadly, the scenery is no match for outside.

16. In your underwear drawer. / Via

They prefer when there's actually underwear inside, though.

15. On a skateboard.

Getting to watch the world roll by is pretty sweet in your dog's book.

14. With the cat.

They may not always like to admit it, but it's a proven fact.

13. In front of the TV.

All that visual stimulation will keep your dog entertained for hours.

12. On the couch.

A good view of the TV and room to spread out; there's a reason humans and dogs agree on this one.

11. The playground.

All those things to jump on? Sign dogs up.

10. The bath.

Dogs don't consider baths an "everyday thing," but when it's bath time, it's bath time.

9. The car.

Whether he's hanging his head out the window or just getting a cool blast of AC on a warm day, your dog LOVES the wind in his hair.

8. In your swimming pool.

On a hot summer's day, you know where to find your buddy.

7. BED.

Can you blame 'em?

6. The beach.

The beach is like a swimming pool that never ends, which equals two paws up from dogs.

5. In the park.

The park is Earth's equivalent of Doggy Heaven. A dog park? Even better.

4. With family.

Dogs are big balls of love, loyalty, and affection; hanging out with their brethren is right up there for them.

3. Anywhere within 50 feet of a ball.

Doesn't matter what type of ball. Any kind of ball. As long as it's round and it flies, your dog is into it.

2. As close to food as possible.

If they can have the food in their mouth, it's a successful hang.

1. In your arms!

Your dog loves nothing more than hanging out with her best friend.