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The Definitive Ranking Of Your Dog's Favorite Hangouts

If there's one thing dogs know how to do, it's play. Spoil your dog by taking them to one of their favorite hang spots and then treating them to Cesar's Savory Delights.

17. The gym.

16. In your underwear drawer.

15. On a skateboard.

Getting to watch the world roll by is pretty sweet in your dog's book.

14. With the cat.

13. In front of the TV.

12. On the couch.

11. The playground.

10. The bath.

9. The car.

8. In your swimming pool.

7. BED.

Can you blame 'em?

6. The beach.

5. In the park.

The park is Earth's equivalent of Doggy Heaven. A dog park? Even better.

4. With family.

3. Anywhere within 50 feet of a ball.

2. As close to food as possible.

If they can have the food in their mouth, it's a successful hang.

1. In your arms!