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15 Dogs That Forgot Just How Big They Are

It's hard out there for a big dog — that is, when you're trying to live the life of a little dog. No matter the size of your dog, reward them with Cesar's Savory Delights.

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1. This dog that can't tell his water bowl from the sink:

2. This dog that's so big she has to take her own ride:

Marcel Oosterwijk (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: wackelijmrooster

3. This dog that actually just crushed his ride:

4. This dog that just wanted to sit on your lap, but instead made you part of his chair:

REX USA / Newspix / Rex

5. This dog that actually became the human:

Jackie Lee / BuzzFeed

6. This dog that didn't realize his head would take up the entire frame:

Sharon Vos-Arnold / Getty Images

7. This dog that thought the couch looked bigger from across the room:

John Hurd (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: jonhurd

8. This dog that didn't realize fences are supposed to block your view:

Sharon Vos-Arnold / Getty Images

9. This dog whose oversized party hat isn't fooling ANYONE:

10. This dog that just wants to cuddle... if you can fit:

(You can't.)

11. This dog that wishes he were better at hide-and-seek:

12. Or that the cat were a better blanket:

Kimberlee Reimer / Getty Images

13. This dog that wanted to take a relaxing bath, but was just too big for the towel:

14. This dog that thought he could get away with it:

15. Or this dog that tried:

Muriel de Seze / Getty Images