13 Lessons Of Love We Can Learn From Dogs

They say love is blind, and dogs are living proof. These pups prove that love is size-blind and — little or big — we’re all buddies. Your dog loves you unconditionally; love her back with new Cesar Savory Delights.

1. The little guys deserve just as much praise (if not more).

“Bow down, friends.”

2. These two guys know that every ship needs its captain!

3. And these guys understand that every cowboy needs his steed.

AnetaPics / Via shutterstock.com

4. These gym partners might not bench the same, but they know that sticking together is more important.

5. Dogs realize that friendship is about teamwork, not height.

6. These three amigos don't understand why big and small can't join forces.

Emery Way / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: emeryway

7. It's good to have friends who challenge you and help you find your legs…

8. It's true: Sometimes opposites do attract, and they make great nap partners too…

Amanda Michelle Bindhammer / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: bindhammer

9. … Once they find the perfect fit!


10. Somebody needs to walk the little guy while Mom's busy.

11. Often the best kind of friend is one with a different perspective than yours.

Artem Kursin / Via shutterstock.com

12. Dogs respect that strength comes in numbers, not sizes!


13. Just let her believe, guys.

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