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Some Of Our Faves Are On "Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune" And We Are Here For It

Season 2 of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune is bringing your favorite celebs and favorite game show together for a chance to win $1,000,000 for charity! Watch the season premiere Sunday, Sept. 26, at 8/7c on ABC and stream on Hulu.

Wheel of Fortune has been a cultural staple since 1975. It has a massive — and growing! — audience. Now, we get to watch some of our favorite celebrities play!

Jason Alexander is playing and hopefully he's as good at puzzles as he is at comedy!

It looks like Jason Mraz will be getting (M)razzed by Pat Sajak!

We'll see if solving the puzzle is so Raven or not so Raven!

It's not possible to curb our enthusiasm for watching Jeff Garlin spin the wheel!

Andy Richter may control the universe but can he control the board?

Caroline Rhea is ready to spin the wheel, even if she needs both hands!

And her TV niece Melissa Joan Hart will be there too, figuring out "witch" vowel to buy!

Who will win? Joey Fatone thinks it's gonna be him!

Orange you glad to see Laverne Cox on Wheel?

The always-lovely Jodie Sweetin will be there to sweeten the game!

Will Anthony Anderson get to see RSTLNE?

Let's see if Mario Cantone can get it together in time for the bonus round!

Images/GIFs via ABC.

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune has assembled a fun, hilarious cast and we're excited to see them compete! Tune in to the season premiere Sunday, Sept. 26 at 8/7c on ABC and stream on Hulu, and watch your favorite celebrities spin to win $1,000,000 for their favorite charity!