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In Conversation: Jorge Movava

Meet Jorge Mavova, who won last year's competition and ultimately went on the win LQP 2016 Best Dressed Gentleman, who will be returning to LQP Festival 2017, this year as a judge for Best Dressed Competitions

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We sat down with the man of the hour, Jorge Mavova to find out what it takes (and took him) to be LQP 2016's Best Dressed Gentleman

CSA: You’ve been a long-time friend of LQP, what is it you love most about the festival?

Jorge Movova: To me LQP is the most beautiful and stylish event of my year, however, the reason I keep returning is because I can see how the festival only gets better, bigger and more elegant each time. I also love its exclusivity, which is why I don’t attend any other horseracing event.

CSA: This year you’ll return to judge the Best Dress Competitions, how did this come about?

JM: I was selected as the winner of CSA's annual LQP VIP experience and after dressing dapper AF won LQP's best Dressed Man 2016. This year LQP invited me to be a judge at LQP 2017...

CSA: Only guests dressed in the traditional blue and white will be considered for the competitions – what is the magic factor that will set them apart?

JM: Off course wearing white and blue is already a winning formula, however for me it’s all about how one accessorises.

CSA: With that in mind do you judge a well dressed lady different to a well dressed gentleman?

JM: One hundred percent! When it comes to the ladies, it’s about the entire combination. I look at the way in which a lady’s hat compliments her dress and vise versa. For instance the lady who won last year, Naledi Mabuse wore a beautifully simplistic two piece, skirt and top, which was SO well coordinated with the way in which she wore her hat, a winning combination.

For gentlemen who really want to be up there, rather wear the entire three piece ensemble and obviously a panama hat is essential. However, where the magic lies is in the fit. It’s not at all about a body type if your suit fits well you’ll always look sharp.

CSA: What set you apart from everyone last year?

JM: My suit fit me well and not to sound arrogant but when I looked in the mirror I thought to myself "you look 'Gorgeous' " ;)

CSA: Who were you wearing last year?

JM: Actually, my last year’s suit was made by my incredible tailor.

CSA: Who will you be wearing this year?

JM: This year I will be doing something a bit different, it’s a surprise! It’s something I picked up in Europe in July…

CSA: Are there any friends and celebrities you’re looking forward to seeing this year?

JM: Oh yes! Because it's so exclusive there are the usual faces that returns and these are the ones I'm looking forward to seeing most. Kim Grey always stuns, super excited to see what Siv Ngesi has up his sleeve this year, Maps Maponyane never fails, Bonang, Lee-Ann Liebenberg... yep, it's going to be great!

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