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11 Things You Had No Idea Have Been Created With 3D Design

The future is now! 3D design is taking us to incredible new places — and it's part of the secret behind Celebrity Cruises newest ship, the Edge.

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1. 3D-Printed Paintings That Help the Blind Experience Art

Luke Daniek / Getty Images

At the Museo del Prado in Spain (above), a collection called "Touching the Prado" features 3D renderings of famous works of art. These 3D images were designed at Estudios Durero.

2. Shanghai Tower

Zorazhuang / Getty Images

The design of the second tallest building in the world was greatly aided by 3D technology. Building Information Modeling software was used in the development of the tower to improve efficiency and reduce errors.

6. Including Your Own Diamond Ring

Xesai / Getty Images

At, you can create a ring using 3D design, and then try a 3D model so that you can see if you like it before buying the real thing.

It's time to jump in to 3D design! Experience wonder with the Celebrity Edge Ship.

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