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Six Must-Have (And Affordable) Statement Pieces Inspired By NYFW

NYFW was the first to bring us bold blues, velvet fabrics, and perfect pinstripes. Here are a few statement pieces inspired by popular Fall 2016 trends:

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1. Metal chokers for the Renaissance girl in all of us


Although 90s plastic chokers have been popular for a while, Alexander McQueen brought us these beautiful metal pieces on his models. Chunky metal with ornate details add an "edgy yet feminine" touch to any outfit. Get a similar one here for about $13

2. Menswear forever

Calvin Klein

I've always loved the look of suits on women. The great thing about pinstripe menswear is that anyone can wear it. Bonus: it lengthens and slims every body type. Get a similar look to this Calvin Klein one here


ELLE / Via

Chic texture meets comfort and if that isn't a trend everyone can support, I don't know what is. There are so many options available from $18-$80 including leggings, jackets, tops, and this dress. Pictured: Alberta Ferreti, Monse, Rochas, H&M, and Giorgio Armani.

5. Floral patches & denim


Patches have been huge lately, but Gucci brought back the classic roses every Latina girl had on her jeans in fourth grade. This edgy and feminine look can be achieved with this jacket, sweatshirt, or jeans at a fraction of the cost. If you're feeling DIY, you can also buy a variety of patches here.

6. Cool streetwear


DKNY, Yeezy, Vera Wang, and many other designers have taught us that crewnecks and hoodies aren't just loungewear for moms at soccer practice and cold college students anymore. Updated versions of the classic athletic staple demonstrate how casual items can still be stylish. Get this one from Target for under $20 and this one from Urban Outfitters for $24.

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