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9 Things You Can Do To Make Your Lifestyle Healthier

It's simpler than it seems.

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1. Prepare your own meals.


Instead of going out to dinner, consider learning how to cook for yourself. Not only is it cheaper, but you will be more conscious about what you put in your meals and how much of it you eat.

2. Only eat as much as it takes to be satisfied.


If you eat until you're just absolutely stuffed, you won't feel good and your body won't be happy with you. You'll likely feel lethargic and want nothing more than to sleep for 30+ hours; however, if you only eat until you're satisfied, you're more likely to feel energized and ready to take on the next challenge, which may or may not include finishing up that 2000 word paper or filing your taxes.

3. Stop counting calories.


That isn't to say just go nuts and eat however many slices of pizza you want. Calories are a good way to measure how much you've eaten and prevent binge eating, but that isn't the only thing that should be taken into account. You should be making sure that you receive the nutrients your body needs to function properly from the foods you are eating.

4. Ditch the diet sodas.


Yes, they have zero calories, but as mentioned before, calories aren't the only things you should be paying attention to. The artificial sweeteners used in the diet sodas in the place of real sugar cause your body to crave the real sugar it is not receiving, making you more likely to eat more in an attempt to satisfy that craving.

5. Go on a run (or even just a walk).


Most of us can all agree on one thing: running sucks. It's a known fact, but deciding to go on that one run or walk can break the ice for potential future workouts. It'll leave you feeling proud of yourself and craving more, which could ultimately lead to a gym membership and a regular workout routine.

6. Buy new workout clothes.


Buying new things is always exciting, and something I have witnessed firsthand is that when you buy new workout equipment, the first thing you want to do is use it. Buying new workout clothes will provide you with the excitement and motivation you need to go on that run I mentioned earlier.

7. Find a workout buddy.


There is nothing more motivating than having another person working out with you. Not only to they help you push your limits, but they will also provide you with the pressure you need to keep up with your gym schedule instead of finding a random excuse to miss leg day.

8. Have a Treat Yo Self day.


Choose one day of the week where you give yourself a break from the gym and eat whatever your heart desires. Put on those sweat pants, cut yourself a slice (or two) of that cake, and curl up on the couch with some Netflix. Having a day to reward yourself will contribute to your motivation to stick to your diet and really try at the gym.



There is nothing water can't fix. Tired? Drink water. Bad acne? Drink water. Hangover? Drink water. Water will not only make your stomach feel full and decrease your craving to eat more, but it also energizes you with the electrolytes it provides and makes exercising less of a pain. Try to skip out on all of the sugary sports drinks and reach for more of that precious H2O.

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