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    17 Things Under $20 I Bet You’ll Buy Without A Second Thought

    Each thing is, like, less than some Starbucks orders.

    1. An angry mama microwave cleaner that’ll make getting the gunk out of your appliance so much easier. Just fill it with vinegar and water, and then nuke mama (🤭) to get her steamin’ mad — all those stuck-on food bits and nasty crusties will melt away.

    Angry mama inside a microwave, blowing steam out of the top of its head

    2. A pair of grippy tweezers that'll make putting on your falsies so much easier. They're way more precise and delicate than your fingers, and they’ll save you from poking around your eyes and getting glue everywhere.

    The tweezers in their four designs

    3. A silicone cord winder that'll keep your earbuds from pretzeling in your pocket. You can also use it to organize charging cables and wires if your workspace is looking a little chaotic.

    The silicone clips around earbuds and wires

    4. A headset stand that'll declutter your space and keep your headphones out of harm's way when you're not using them (where my clumsy peeps at?). Reviewers like that the flexible, rubbery top gently cradles their cans without marking up the headband material.

    Headphones on the stand next to a laptop

    5. A bottle of 100% pure and unrefined castor oil that'll do wonders for your brows and lashes. Reviewers love how soft and lush (and longer!? 👀😮) the oil makes their hairs, and that they can use the fine brush to get right to the base of their eyelids.

    Bottle of castor oil and someone holding up a vial with the oil and mascara wand in it

    6. A huge pack of 〜kawaii〜 Gudetama vinyl decals to deck out your bullet journal, laptop case, bicycle, and more! According to reviewers, they can withstand soap and water without peeling off so you can go ahead and stickerbomb your water bottle.

    Someone holding up a sticker of a fried egg with a face, that appears to be thinking

    7. A box of Bottle Bright tablets that’ll get rid of coffee stains and grotty buildup in your favourite bottles so you won’t have to resort to bleach or hours of scrubbing. Since each tablet is individually wrapped, you can chuck a few into your purse to have on-hand wherever you go.

    The bottle cleaning tablets, some unwrapped, and the box they come in next to a water bottle with the bottle bright logo

    8. A pair of Revlon nail clippers that'll catch and contain your clippings so shards of nail won't go flying off in every direction. When you’re done, you can tip the pieces into the garbage and you'll be good to go.

    someone using the clippers, with an arrow and text indicating where the nail clippings will go

    9. A tub of Mario Badescu silver powder that'll suck out all gunk from your T-zone, including the most bull-headed of blackheads. It's more gentle than pore strips, but will still help you banish bad oils and reduce congestion.

    10. A jar of cleaning putty that’ll stick to (rather than just stir up) all the dirt and dust in between your keyboard and car vents. Besides being fun to play with and good for grabbing onto hard-to-reach crumbies, it'll also save you time from having to take out every single keycap.

    11. A jar of 24K gold collagen eye pads that'll soothe puffy eyes and make you feel like royalty when you put them on. They're formulated with hyaluronic acid, rose oil, and vitamin C to banish dark circles and give your skin that coveted inner glow.

    A person with the eye gels on, holding up the jar

    12. A set of no-bend hair clips that'll keep your bangs out of the way when you're doing your makeup. They don't have teeth so you won't have to worry about putting crimps in your freshly blown-out mane.

    A person with two hair clips in their hair while they get their makeup done

    13. A set of reusable baking cups that you can use to whip up batches of cupcakes, mini frittatas, and tiny cheesecakes without creating extra waste. They don't need the help of a muffin tin to hold their shape so you won't have to purchase any extra bakeware to make sweet treats.

    A person pulling a silicone muffin cup off a small cupcake

    14. A tube of Maybelline clear mascara for days when you want to keep your look ~au naturel~. They'll keep your brow hairs in place and give your lashes a slight curl without leaving them feeling crispy.

    A before image of someone with sparse looking lashes and an after image of their lashes looking full and long

    15. A box of pain patches that'll help relieve tension and soothe the achiest parts of your bod. Reviewers say they're a must-have for anyone who suffers from arthritis, carpal tunnel, and muscle-induced headaches.

    Someone holding a patch and the tin packet it comes in

    16. A rechargeable flameless lighter that'll outlast your flimsy disposable one. It has a flexible neck that'll save your fingertips from the dangerously tiny wick on your fave soy candle.

    The lighter plugged into a laptop on a wooden table next to a plant

    17. And finally, a tube of cooling Aveeno itch relief balm that'll soothe your irritated skin so you won't be tempted to scratch. Reviewers say it alleviates redness and that it helps hydrate their dry, flaky skin, too.

    Two tubes of itch relief balm in a glass vase with oats in it

    When you remember everything costs less than an Uber Eats order:

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