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    18 Amazon Canada Products That You Should Probably Treat Yourself To Immediately

    Because you deserve something nice.

    1. A dedicated USB microphone that'll amplify your voice and/or guitar riffs with crispy, pro-level audio. Reviewers love the easy plug-and-play setup and say that the included tripod makes it easy to adjust the angle of the mic. Your old headset won’t stand a chance.

    The microphone on a desk next to an open laptop and video game controller

    2. A bottle of hyaluronic acid serum that'll help smooth out your complexion and give it a refreshing boost. Reviewers love that it melts into their skin without leaving any sticky residue, so you won't have to worry about it caking up your foundation.

    3. A pack of animal-themed sheet masks that'll rejuvenate your skin, with each one featuring a different critter. They're the perfect selfie accessories, and they'll be a fun option to pull out on your next spa night.

    Someone wearing the dog-themed sheet mask

    4. A shower head with dual filters that'll do wonders for your water pressure and target impurities in the spray. Reviewers say it's super easy to install and that they love that their water doesn't smell like chlorine anymore.

    5. Or a universal filter that'll attach to any nozzle, even a rain shower head. Reviewers love how much softer their hair and skin feel, and say the filter has not only helped fight frizz and dryness, but that it's even reduced hair loss.

    The filter and its packaging on top of a folded towel

    6. A cooling hydration stick that'll depuff your eyes and wake you up when that mid-morning coffee just isn't doing its job. Reviewers say it's super refreshing after a late-night study sesh, and that it's even reduced the appearance of their dark circles.

    Two hydrating eye sticks, one with the polar bear lid off

    7. A batterfinger spatula that'll help you scrape out every last bit of cookie dough from the bowl. Reviewers love that it never stains or cracks and that it’s great at stirring and scraping alike.

    A child holding the spatula and licking some kind of batter off of their thumb

    8. A fan-tastic woven throw for the Harry Potter devotee that solemnly swears to transfigure their room into a more magical place. Reviewers are obsessed with the vintage look and quality knitting (results not yet in on whether it'll actually reveal peoples' whereabouts 👀).

    The throw on a couch

    9. A set of ~kawaii~ rice molds that'll give your lunch bowls some pizzazz. They'll turn your plain rice and leftovers into purrfectly-shaped kitties who are more than happy to get chomped on.

    Two plates with rice balls in the shape of cat heads and paw prints next to two of the stencils

    10. A 🔥spicy🔥 DIY hot sauce kit that'll have you and your adrenaline junkie amigos breathing your own brand of fire. It comes with everything you'll need to create your pants-melting condiment, from bottles with fun labels to 🥵🥵🥵 peppers and spice blends.

    Everything that comes in the hot sauce kit

    11. A retro diner-inspired dishwasher sign that'll save you from dipping a dirty spoon into your Cheerios (for the third time this week).

    12. A set of nesting measuring cups that'll add some saucy flair to your frittata or pancakes. It has a six-cup total capacity and is cute and compact enough to sit on your counter until it's time to hatch.

    13. A memory foam bed topper that'll breathe new life into your aging mattress so you can drift off to dreamland on a cloud of marshmallowy bliss. It's infused with cooling gel that'll keep you from getting too warm, and it has raised zones that'll take some pressure off of your joints.

    Someone raising the memory foam topper that's on their mattress

    14. A set of satin pajamas for when you want — nay, need — a silky-soft upgrade from your frumpled, full-of-holes sleep tee. They'll keep you cool at night, because somehow the only time you aren't freezing to death is when you're trying to fall asleep.

    15. And a satin robe that'll make you feel like royalty on spa nights, or if you just want another layer of warmth in the mornings. It’ll also make a great cover-up when someone’s at the door and you’re not fully dressed yet.

    16. A stylish beaded ring that'll help you stop fiddling with your necklace chain without sacrificing your 'fit's cool factor. Reviewers love that it's easily adjustable, so you won't have to look for a new fidget toy if your ring size changes.

    Someone's hand with the fidget ring on their middle finger

    17. Or a set of silicone braided rings that'll let you accessorize your workout ensemble without impeding your asana. Reviewers say they're flexible and unnoticeable once they're on and love that they're dainty enough to stack.

    Someone's hand with three silicone rings on their ring finger, with three designs of the ring overlayed at the bottom of the photo

    18. And finally, a funky shoulder bag that'll elevate your streetwear and ensure it's choco-ful of style. Reviewers say that it's as functional as it is fashionable and that it holds tons of small items (which may or may not include actual cartons of chocolate milk).

    Chocolate milk shoulder bag

    Us wanting you to know it's time to treat yourself:

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