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    Top 5 Foods to Eat This Turkey Season

    These food brands are sure to have you wobbling back to the table for more.

    Hungry Harry’s

    Hungry Harry's

    Hungry Harry’s is an allergy-friendly baking mix brand developed by Co-Founders and husband-wife duo Rob Lowe and Sarah Matheson. Inspired by their son Harry, who was born with a severe nut allergy along with dairy, gluten, egg and soy sensitivities, Lowe and Matheson set out to create a tasty selection of food products designed for every family to enjoy. All of its mixes are free from the top 14 food groups accounting for 95% of food allergies. The eponymous brand features a wide variety of unique blends, including all-purpose flour, pancake and waffle mix, chocolate cake, muffin mix and more. Don’t skip breakfast this Thanksgiving, and check out Hungry Harry’s for a meal the entire family can enjoy.



    Butterball remains the largest producer of turkey goods and an iconic Thanksgiving staple for families across the US. Headquartered in Garner, NC, Butterball features a wide selection of all-natural turkeys, cured deli meats, burgers, meatballs and more. This season, get your eating pants ready and gobble down their premium quality whole turkeys, roasts, breasts, stuffing and cuts.

    General Mills, Inc.

    General Mills

    Based in Minneapolis, MN, General Mills is a global food manufacturer specializing in various food categories, including baking products, cereals, doughs, snacks and more. With products that line the aisles of grocery stores and retailers worldwide, General Mills has evolved into one of the most widely recognized food companies with over 100 brands on six continents. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without loading up on General Mills’ bite-sized Pillsbury Crescent rolls.



    Make the most of your holiday season by indulging in delicious comfort food, but with a healthy twist, at Philadelphia’s premier vegan and pescatarian spot, Vegan•ish. The Black-owned restaurant highlights healthier alternatives to beloved culinary classics. Since its January opening, Vegan•ish has quickly become a community favorite with unique courses like their Bangin Blackened Salmon Burrito, Vietnamese Hoagie and a mouthwatering Bella Mushroom Sandwich.

    Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry

    IG: @pfpuffpastry

    Leave your guests pie-ning for more with Pepperidge Farm’s flaky pastry dough. Established in 1937 by Founder and bread industry pioneer Margaret Rudkin, Pepperidge Farm has remained a household name for over 80 years, gaining international recognition for its efforts in innovation and sustainability. Whether savory or sweet, the recipe options are limitless with the company’s popular puff pastry options, including their light and delicate Frozen Sheets Pastry Dough, Frozen Cups Pastry Dough and Frozen Shells Pastry Dough.