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    Fans Say Blackpink's Lisa Is Best When She Wears These

    well that wasn't a secret all along / Via

    Denims! Nobody's bored of denims! and Lisa is one of them. A thread of Lisa and her jeans... / Via

    One of those idols that prioritizes comfy clothing to style... Well, Lisa is getting best of both worlds here. / Via

    A rich gypsy woman is what she is with the flaming Harley Davidson merch and ripped jeans to kill, a look anybody would die to wear but can't beat this. / Via

    Casuals are her thing! And this simple Zara white crop top with her waist showing just the right amount is a perfect 10/10. / Via

    Ofcourse! The list doesn't end without a skirt! The studded sandals with a denim skirt brings out the celebrity rapper in her without her even trying too hard.

    and... the honorable mention

    blackpinksstyle / Via

    Ripped jeans are still a thing only because of her and damn this teeshirt is a freaking turn on.

    Girl crush Lisa is at the top in the denim department... leaving some inspirational motivation for those out there who'd like to dress casual and yet stand out. Preach!

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