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The Struggle Is Real: Food Blogger Edition.

When all you do is eat and write, life presents some strange challenges. Enjoy!

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When you're invited to a new restaurant but you haven't finished writing about any of the other recent venues you've been to, but you say yes anyway.

When you meet certain celebrity chefs.

After taking so many photos of each dish, you are used to eating cold food.

When people get jealous of your 'job' and you have to explain to them all the hours it takes to edit photos and write about a meal.

When you finally do get to eat, it becomes difficult to share food.

You get really obsessed about certain cuisines and dishes.

When the chef comes out and asks you about a dish and you don't like it, so you make this face.

If there's a lapse in reviews or invites, you start to get lonely.

When you should work out more because all the food you've been eating.

This happens in real life.

There is such a thing as too many truffles.

When you choose dishes based on how they will look on your Instagram account.

For the good of your blog, you have to smile and eat weird food sometimes.

When something was saucy.

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