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Tessa, Master Of The Faces

Most know Tessa Ellen as a sweet college student who excels in everything she does, but those close to her know her as much more than that....

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Tessa has been a master of the duck face since '04.

I correct myself, since '99

#DucklingFace ?

#DucklingFace ?

Tessa is a fashionista, always.

Since kindergarten, she's set all the fashion trends.

Since kindergarten, she's set all the fashion trends.

You say, "Tessa, women can't grow facial hair" and she proves you wrong.

Tessa has always been an adventurer.

Tessa's modeling career took off in Petra, Jordan years ago.

Soon after became the face of Valley granola bars.

If she ever goes missing, look for the nearest puppy... and she'll be close by.

Or heard of deer.....

The faces of Tessa are endless...

And she knows it, so don't encourage her.

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